June 19, 2018
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An Open Letter To Rajasthan University From Its Beloved Students

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • July 29, 2017

80 out of 120 students of BBA got a zero in Business Economics exam. After the recent paper leak scam, distortion of facts in the book Rashtra Ratna Maharana Pratap, confusion about admission and revaluation process, seems like the coolest university ever is up to a new mischief to play with pupil’s future.

Dear Rajasthan University,

What’s up, love? Thanks for the surprise gift you gave me a few days back in form of my results. I was so overwhelmed to receive a big fat zero on my mark-sheet that it made me cry with joy. I could finally think of dropping that CAT coaching institute and start a thela on the other end of the lane. Guess what, I have even learned to make 5 kinds of stuffing for momos. I might learn to make the tandoori ones as well. What say?

I remember, my high school days when I dreamt of studying in far off land, in a college with Hogwarts style library and High School Musical vibes. I worked like maniacs to get there. But there has always been a little fault in my stars. Just a little. Because hey, I ended up with the best college in our land, not far off but still the best. With all my slogging and hard-work, I finally made my way through your paan stained walls and dust drenched benches. That’s exactly what one could get with a score as low as 92 (sic).

Since day 1, you have been giving me a wild rush. It feels like I am a crazy lover of uniraj.ac.in because there have been days (and nights) when I didn’t dare to open any other tab on my laptop but your lovely web page. Talking about numbers, I must have had spent approximately 185 days in the past one year, waiting for your servers to serve me finally. Such loyalty!

You have always given me the true Mungeri Lal and Sarkaari Daftar feels. I guess you are preparing me for all the government ordeals I will have to do in future.

It was just last year when I got a summer internship at this reputed investment bank in Mumbai. I was so happy until they asked for an NOC letter from the college. I still get nightmares about it! You literally made me run from college to university to some godforsaken department to the professor who is designated to sign the letter but didn’t bother to show up on time. Well, congratulations! At the end, I missed the golden opportunity to learn and groom. Afterall, your sole aim is to stop my growth, be it on paper or off.

I always had a certain image of college professors in my mind. Thanks to all the Bollywood and Netflix drama. They were supposed to be experienced people who would encourage you to do out-of-the-box things in life. You gave me the coolest of cool profs here. The ones who never bothered about class attendance (they are mostly on leave, themselves). The ones who would never ask you to buy books (high chances, they don’t know what is the syllabus).

You are the coolest university ever. After all, you don’t come with truck loads of books. I mean it. No books. Just pass books, one-week series and other thin paper stuff inked with factual and grammatical errors. Rote learning is not the easy way out but the only way out. Okay, enough of small talks. One week series is not for all of us. Some of us, like the intelligent folks in honours courses, do not get either. No books, no pass books. Just a long list of topics to be covered with no suggested readings at all. Students are free to read whatever book they feel like, Principles of Economics or 50 Shades of Grey. Pick your read, honey! Colleges are supposed to be liberal after all, aren’t they? 

It is a cake walk to sail through all the year. But even the best sailors and swimmers drown in results tsunami. UG courses at RU should be tagged as the most difficult courses on the planet. Screw actuaries or rocket science, no seriously! Recently, 80 out of 120 students of BBA flunked Business Economics exam. And those who managed to pass gained a decent score ranging between 2 to 25 on 100, lucky asses! These are the same students who must have scored 95% or above in class 12th, or at-least above 75. But that wasn’t economics probably, it was some high school bullshit that taught students to draw crazy lines and call them demand curves.

Thank you, thanks a lot my dearest varsity for the bright future you have in stores for all of us. A zero in some papers, an average of 40%, no internship experience, zero practical exposure and badass university elections would surely lead us to the best B-schools and Ivy Leagues.


With love.

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  1. This is so funny and real. I’ve written songs in my B.B.A term exams to sail through and I always did.
    Rajasthan University is nothing less than a government office where they EAT SAMOSAS, SPIT PAAN AND make us run through out the day from college to university for nothing.
    Not just blaming the teachers but students here are equally badass. I won’t even call them human. because they just lack with basic manners.
    I recently went there to collect my mark sheet, it took us 30 mins round and round of the same office to find the exact window where they were least bothered about listening to my queries.
    Our degree has a different spelling mistake….
    I see no bright future here

  2. truest explaination of rajasthan university till now….those students who worked so hard to get admissioned in RU’s graduation colleges by scoring more than 80-90% in 12th class…suddenly falls to an average of 40-50% in your college…on the top of it you even put absent in the marksheets of students who have given all the exams,..& then u say students keep on running from collge-university-college..to proove that yes u have given the exam …
    then finally when you are graduated from your college & try to get admissioned in rajathsan university by competing with thousands of students in entrance exam(which is not even from ur course if ur from honours you are expected to study the passcourse 3 year syllabus in few days & compete) & even after scoring decent in that too..you get amazingly astonished by keep on waiting for all those 3 lists & keep on checking for the general category list in which you find that more than half of the genral category seats are filled by reserved category student’s names(st/sc,obc)along with there reserved seats too….finally i just want to say please do one thing before admission procedure starts mention specificly “genral students are not meant for our university campus” only reserved category has the right to study in university…..
    unfair RU…whole system unfair..

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