August 16, 2018
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Manipal University’s Magic Is In The Air!

  • by Ishika
  • February 28, 2017

Hey! Look! Something’s going on there! I can see some flashes here and there and oh there’s this melodious laughter in the background! Aah! Yumm! What’s this aroma and where is it coming from? Hold on! Am I somewhere near Manipal University right now? My crystal ball predicts that I am going to a wonderland in the town! And no wonder! March 2 and 3 it is!  The dates for Product Carnival at Manipal, Jaipur.

Trust me and my instincts when I tell you to check out this carnival in the city. And I here I get you the major highlights of the fest –


Go around in  MUJ and soak in the aura of the place and paint that world in your pictures with your photography skills! Now that’s something really interesting and definitely a roller coaster to your mind. Worth a try definitely! Ain’t it?


Laughter is the best medicine. Well that’s a ver old line. We can take it the new way- Laughter is the most attractive thing! Are you a prankster? Known amongst your gangs and peeps as the super fun person? Well show that charm onto a screen! Capture the fun life of MUJ in the most attractive manner through a funny prank video and the prize (who know girls and guys too) are yours to take!


The event is free! And registration for the above two competitions take just Rs 25. Someone said it right! The best things in life are free!


Of the people, By the people, For the people!

This event which is organized by the students of TAPMI School Of Business, will be auctioning stall on campus to the students of MUJ! Now an amazing baazar on campus done up totally  by the students of MUJ will be something to see for sure! Fashion, food, fun and lots more await attention at this place!

My crystal ball has given me signs as to where I got to be on 2nd and 3rd March, 2017! Well, I hope you get it too! See ya there!

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