August 14, 2018
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There is more to Literature in Jaipur than just JLF: Bringing you INKA by St. Xavier’s

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • November 10, 2016

It’s Jaipur, and we the people of this majestic city are always behind what’s new and hip or what events are coming up, are we not? So here’s what happening in Jaipur right now- INKA, the literature festival organized by The Department of English, St. Xavier’s College. Yes there is JLF too but that’s not just it.

INKA-2016 happening this 12th and 13th NOVEMBER has a theme recollected from our pasts and rich heritage- the theme of Myths, Legends and Folktales.

The festival derives its name from the word ink and ka. Representing the very act of writing the word ink is followed by the word ka, a symbol of the reception of life powers from both man and gods. Thus INKA will celebrate youth, beauty and vigor in literature. INKA has participation from colleges nationwide and also from outside the country. The participations have flown in from as far as DUBLIN. Can you freaking imagine?

The gala is a two day affair packed with all things that a person can relate to literature, morphed in the form of various events like creative writing, film making, quiz etc. One may ask what makes INKA different from JLF or other cultural events? Let me answer that for you.

While JLF has been the ‘it’ literature festival of all the time, INKA offers you a lot more, with more than just various speeches from speakers from around the world, INKA gives you a platform to act. A true literature base where everything turns you back to your roots of literature. It’s one of its kind literature fest as no other college in Jaipur organizes one. With a quiz to grill your brains, a write up event to bring your characters to life, a face painting competition to bring back the past from our legends and tales out in a bigger and better form. While there is a lot happening in Jaipur, you do not get to see a lot of slam poetry sessions happening so at INKA they have a slam poetry event to bring out the poet in you and a classical dance face off to bring in the fire on stage too.

At INKA you find everything but with a twist, we have a debate round but hold your breath guys and girls as this debate is totally different from the rest. The team INKA brings to you the turncoat debate session to sizzle and spice the evening a little more.

But wait my dear people, there is even more to this fest, something so uniquely different from all the rest of the fests happening around various colleges in Jaipur. While every college ends their fest with a DJ party to entice the participants in more fun, the team INKA at Xavier’s has organized a BALL. Yes, yes you heard it right, a ball, one similar to the Yule ball from the Harry Potter series. Isn’t it nerve tickling?

How do you register yourself to this ride filled with so much fun? It’s simple. Just visit the website at – and for more information contact them at their mail address-

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