July 20, 2018
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Mother's Day celebration at Oven

JeweloveSuperMom: Styling Sessions, Cake Decoration & Loads Of Fun With Mothers & Their Young Adults

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • May 15, 2017

Right from dressing us in cute nappies to deciding that flabbergasting outfit for college ball night, our moms have been the best stylists.

Be it khichdi on a bad stomach day or pasta & sandwiches for the sleepover with friends, she has been the best cook.

A cook, a stylist, a friend, a confidant, our human diary, our half soul, our moms have been the best from forever to forever. But in today’s fast-paced life, juggling between different things, knowingly or unknowingly, we have created a vacuum in her life. Her life revolved around us, her body clock worked in sync with that of ours and sadly, today our clock can not pause for a couple of seconds for her.

Last Sunday, the whole town was drenched with happy vibes of Mother’s Day and everybody celebrated in their unique way. And one such jubilant celebration was witnessed at JeweloveSuperMom event, where 20 participants had a gala time at Oven- The Bakery & Cafe.

Mother's Day celebration at Oven

The event started with styling session by Khushboo Karnawat from Brands & Images and Chitrangi Sharma from Desi Pandora for moms and daughters of the town. The session touched on many topics like of summer trends, places to shop in Jaipur, Jewelry as per face cut and how to dress slim. This was followed by a special moment for all, when the sons & daughters took over the ramp for a star-like walk with their superstar mothers.

Mother's Day celebration at Oven

After this fun round, the competition bells rung, dragging the little party towards the Cake Decoration Competition. Some participants were pre-selected through an Instagram competition. The competition was a fun cake decoration, where moms and their kids were given 20 minutes to decorate a cake.

The winning cake, decorated by Mrs. Renu Gupta will be sold at Oven for a month. The winners were decided by Master Chef of Oven- The Bakery & Cafe.

JeweloveSuperMom at Oven - The bakery & cafe

This little event brought mothers & their children together, as Ruchika Beri, Co-founder & CMO of Jewelove and Co-organiser of the event, said “The crux of this event was to celebrate motherhood, to celebrate Mommies by providing one platform for the Moms and their sons and daughters to come together & spend time with each other. The essence was to build memories again and take everybody back down their memory lane.”

Mother's Day celebration at Oven

**The winning cake**

Did you not do anything special for your mom on Mother’s Day? Well, it’s not about some special day, it has never been, you see. She celebrates us every day, then why do we need some specific day to celebrate her. Go on, take some time out for your mother. Take her out to Oven – The Bakery & Cafe to have a quick bite of this delectable cake donned with love of mother & child, will you?

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