August 14, 2018
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Just bengali app

7 Amazing Things That Happened At Just Bengali App Launch in Jaipur

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 16, 2017

14th April’17 was observed as Bengali New Year all over India and Jaipur celebrated it in a unique way. Bengalis residing in Jaipur were extra happy this Bengali New Year and thanks to Paromita Sen Gupta for the same. Why you may wonder. Because, it’s due to her efforts that now, anyone could experience savouring authentic Bengali food made of original Bengali ingredients using an app: Just Bengali.

Cre8comm is an e-commerce website that aims at bringing all the communities together by providing a community’s spices, tea, sweet, ingredients at one place. So, they introduced an app called Just Bengali in Delhi-NCR. Following its success there, they decided to launch Just Bengali in Jaipur at Hotel Milestone 251, Bani Park, Jaipur on 15th April. Its launch was a successful event and here are the reasons why:

The Lamp Lighting

Like every Indian ceremony is incomplete without lamp lighting, so was this! Take a look at the lamp lighting ceremony.

The Theme

Just Bengali asked their Bengali guests to dress up in traditional Bengali attire for the event through Facebook page. And let me tell you, they all looked extremely gorgeous!

The Ramp Walk

The reason Bengalis in Jaipur were asked to dress in their traditional dresses was because Cre8comm organized a ramp walk show for their guests with both male and female category.*drooling over their beautiful traditional attire*

The Prize

And, the ramp show rockers were given prizes through lucky draw because it couldn’t be decided who dressed better.

The Food

Everybody who downloaded the app as per the director’s instruction was given free food coupons for the mouthwatering food tasting session which had fish fry, mocha chop, veg chop, chicken chop, rosogulla and ice cream sandesh as options.

The Surprise

Everyone was asked to download the app and order something using the app in order to participate in a lucky draw competition. Out of 20 such people, lucky winners were announced who won exciting prizes!

The Feedback

All the guests were asked to give their valuable feedback to improve the app’s services. They were also asked to review food. Also, food reviewers were invited to taste and analyze Just Bengali’s food items.So install Just Bengali right away and order scrumptious Bengali food!

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