August 16, 2018
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What Is The ‘Padmavati’ Buzz All About? Find It Right Here

  • by Sunidhi Shekhawat
  • November 12, 2017

Padmavati, a 16th century epic which has somehow managed to create a hype in the 21ts century. We all know about the movie Padmavati, which is a creation of Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB). Also, a topic of debate ever since it came under the light. So, we decided to bring together 5 things you need to know about the hype it is creating.

1. What Karni Sena wants? And how they made sure SLB backs out?

Shri Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) is a non-profit organization which represents the Rajput community of Rajasthan and completely opposes SLB for making Padmavati. They claim that SLB is not doing Justice to their heritage and not going with the factual history but changing it completely to gain profit. They are asking for a screening for the members of  Karni Sena and then they’ll decide whether to release the movie or not. Their issue is that the whole nation watches Bollywood, so they don’t want people to have wrong beliefs for the Rajput history. Karni Sena started with threatening the director. Their violence started when one of the members of Karni Sena slapped SLB in front of the media. That was the first time the issue came under the nation’s attention. Then the sets of Padmavati started getting attacked, the posters were burnt as well. Now, Karni Sena threatens SLB in front of the whole media that they won’t let the movie release. They’ll burn down the theaters.


2. What politicians have to say?

While in Rajasthan, ‘princess’ and BJP MLA Diya Kumari, who represents both the glamorous and political sides of Jaipur’s ‘royal family’, issued a terse statement on the film Padmavati, saying its release should not be allowed if it distorts history in any way. Chintamani Malviya, BJP MP from Ujjain, has also urged viewers not to watch the film, saying that Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the director, only understands the language of shoes. Filmmakers whose wives change their husbands everyday will not be able to understand the sacrifice of Queen Padmavati, Malviya added. Now the question is, we understand Princess Diya Kumari is from a Royal family, her problem with the release is justifiable. What about the other politicians who don’t even know who Queen Padmavati was? Are they trying to gain publicity?


3. What historians have to say?

It is said that the story of Rani Padmavati, also known as Padmini, and Alauddin Khilji’s siege of King Rawal Ratan Singh’s Chittor took place in 1303.  However, Habib claims that Rani Padmavati was not a historical figure as there is no record of her before 1540. According to him, the queen was a fictional figure created in the poem, ‘Padmavat’ written by Malik Mohd Jayasi in 1540. The poem had famously traced the story of Padmini, Alauddin Khilji and Rawal Ratan Singh, to be played by Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor respectively in the film.


4. What Sanjay Leela Bhansali has to say?

Well, as of now he hasn’t spoken to Karni Sena, anything directly yet. When Karni Sena protested by saying there is a dream sequence of Allaudin Khilji in which he is romancing with Queen Padmavati. He uploaded a video on Facebook stating that there is no such scene. Other than that, the actors and other people who are associated with the project, Padmavati, are ignoring the media when such questions are being asked.


5. What critics have to say?

Some critics believe that, the feelings of the director could not be assuaged, because it is not Rajput pride that motivates the Karni Sena,  but the desire to be in the spotlight. Also, the politicians are making full use of the issue as they are provoking the Rajput community by supporting them. Bhansali productions are also in profit, as they are getting the publicity to a great extent. The critics even feel that Padmavati as a movie is an art. And it takes a lot of efforts, endless schedules, devotion of the actors. Both time and money have been put in the creation of Padmavati. Criticism is one thing but banning the film would be a complete waste of everything.


So, we just summed up the whole mess which has been created out of the Movie Padmavati situation. Now we leave it for you to decide, what is wrong and what is right!


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  1. Good work sunidhi👍👍 I’m still confused about the existence of maharani padmavati since u can see the johar kund nd other evidences to show she existed nd yet some historians claim she was fictional…

  2. Very well written.

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