July 17, 2018
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Workshops, Talks, Nukkad Natak, Shopping & Womaniyas At Power2Her, Day 2

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 27, 2017

Power2Her is an organisation to provide women entrepreneurs with a platform, who are currently running small to medium business, where they are provided, supported and guided to achieve financial independence that will further create jobs for other women. And for that, Power2Her organised a two-day event at ITC Rajpuatana Jaipur on 25th and 26th of April. Day 1 of the event was extremely exhilarating and intellectual. So, obviously, Day 2 had to be more fabulous. Day 2 was all about intriguing workshops by professionals on how to make a home business successful, raise funds, cross boundaries and go global. The various types of workshops that were conducted are listed below.

Social Media

Dr. Tabeenah Anjum Qureshi who is a senior journalist, present Bureau Head of Deccan Herald in Rajasthan, a national award winner in photography and a PhD holder in social media, talked about how journalism as a profession is both troublesome yet smooth and how journalism and social media can be used to bring about a change.

Himanshi Goyal, the of Connect Jaipur, interacted with students and solved all their queries related to blogging as a career. She talked about how one can make money out of their blog and how one can keep readers engaged.

Social Work

Shipra from Quantum career academy ( Jagan raj professional studies ) has 50 skills centers in 5 states and provides employability linked training to prisoners in jail, war widows, ex-army man and school dropout. Just in 8 years, it has won 14 national and international awards. She talked about why women should be self-dependent and how can one fight and be different.

Rakhi, the founder of Power2Her inspired every woman present in the room to pursue her passion, be independent and work hard for it. She talked about the importance of being independent though belonging to good families.

Fashion, Jewelry and Skilled Work

This workshop was conducted by Jailakshmi, an amateur designer of kids wear, owner of the brand Sutah; Priyanshi Agarwal of Cloth Yourself Urbane; Sujata Bhandari, a renowned wedding stylist who talked about taking up fashion, boutique, jewelry, skilled work like hand painting, printing , knitting , crochet & weaving as career and face the problems involved courageously.


Mohit Sharma, India’s first iPhone photographer and  Shipra Rajora, a wedding photographer, were the ones who conducted this interesting workshop. They talked about their challenges, aims and determination to become the best.

Interior designing

Devyani Kumari, owner of The Kotri and Mr. Vipul Verma, an architect, solved every aspiring interior designers problems sitting in the room and talked about how they deal with being professional invading someone’s private space, their home.

Health & Fitness

Anupriya Sinha, owner of Elixir Fitness and Yashica Mehta, owner of The Victory Store were so much passionate about gymming and eating healthy that they made it their career. The attendees were guided how they can also do the same.

Another workshops were about makeup artistry as a career, cooking and baking as a profession and tuition and home classes as an occupation. All of these workshops were really inspiring and informative. Apart from workshops, there was an exhibition and nukkad-natak by extremely talented Asmita Theatre Group.

Therefore, Day 2 of Power2Her ended as a full packed event where experienced professionals gave first-hand knowledge to the aspiring women entrepreneurs motivating them to pursue their passion and become successful.

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