August 16, 2018
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Five Incredible Humans We Met At Ranthambore

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • February 1, 2017

We had been to Ranthambore recently and what a beautiful experience that was! We’d like to thank all the generous people that we met in Ranthambore during the three-day fest. In the course of our escapade to the Tiger town, we came across some inescapable leading lights who made an impression on our heart and soul. Let us introduce some of them!

Dharmendra Khandal

dharmendra kandal

He is a young wildlife biologist with Tiger Watch, an organisation founded by late Mr. Fateh Singh Rathore, ‘the Tiger Man’ of India. He was selected by Tiger Watch to carry out research in the woods of Ranthambore and that was when he reported that their were only 26 tigers there, whereas the census reports the presence of 45.
He introduced camera traps to substantiate his researches and started an Anti-Poaching Project and succeeded in arresting several poachers. Tiger Watch started rehab programme for the tribes that were involved in poaching and engaged their women in handicraft production and secure a better future for their children.
Dharmendra is fervidly dedicated and internally driven to conserve the wildlife and make this world a better place for all the wild animals. His stories and intentions have tugged at our heartstrings.

Ricky Kej

rickey kej


This young, passionate music composer and conservationist is himself a Grammy awardee for his album- Winds of Samsara. He is working for the conservation of Nature and to save the environment. One of his albums, named Shanti Samsara, was recently launched at The UN Climate Change Conference by PM Narendra Modi in 2015. It presents his efforts to use World Music to bring environmental consciousness. We met him during an Interactive Talk session – Music for our planet, at Ranthambore Festival. While we were talking to him, he exuded good humour and bonhomie.

Imamddin Khan

imamddin khan


Almost all of us have a penchant for Rajasthani folk songs. There’s this thing about our traditional music that never lets it fade away and that thing is the passion and dedication of our folk artistes and musicians. One such artiste we met during our happy, musical days at Ranthambore – Imamddin Khan. We were at a loss for words when he started to speak in English, fluently. This wasn’t all, he had more sweet surprises for us. While we were bidding him farewell, he said “Au Revoir“, which is bye-bye in French. Yes! Imagine. This person who comes from a small village in Rajasthan can speak multiple foreign languages, like French, German, etc. Isn’t that amazing?

Narayan Singh – Ranthambore School Of Art



Tigers and Tiger impressions & paintings are a peculiar characteristic of Ranthambore. As soon as you land in this Tiger town, you’ll see every thing tiger-y. From wall paintings to floor carpets, every thing has an impression of our National animal. One such organisation that is home for all the art that flows from the heart of this city is – Ranthambore School Of Art. They create fervent art pieces, mostly paintings of scenes from the woods, rendering the wildlife of the area. Tiger is a recurring motif in almost all their paintings and believe me, it is so realistic that a sudden glance might scare the shit outta you!
We met the founder, Narayan Singh, who was such an enthusiastic and lively person that his words could paint colours in the listeners life. He is an equally amazing artist. All his painting are vibrant and honest-to-goodness. We truly stand inspired by his artistic fervour.

Women Of Ranthambore

women of ranthambore

During our research about and our visit to Ranthambore, there was this one thing that grabbed our attention. Women at Ranthambore are active participants in various social and cultural welfare societies, NGOs and handicraft production units, like Dastakar Ranthambore, Dhonk, etc. They have learnt to operate various tools of production in the course of time. These women run entire families all by themselves. Their flawless public facade masks their private despair. They are as bold and strong as a any other well-educated, modern woman. They are the architects of society and a huge source of inspiration for all women of our country.

Dear Ranthambore, We’ll plan another visit real soon. A big thanks to all your wonderful people for being such wonderful hosts.

It was a refreshing, fun-filled trip. We have packed all the beautiful moments in our memory box. We’ll keep sharing bits and parts from our trip as we revisit these memories. Till then, keep sharing your experiences with us in the comment section below.


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