August 16, 2018
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Gravitate Back To Yesteryear’s Melodies and Tunes At Ranthambore Festival

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • January 13, 2017

Ranthambore Festival has been envisioned by Puqaar Foundation, keeping the focus on Conservation of Nature and Rich Cultural Heritage of Rajasthan. They are putting the traditional folk artists on map and promoting them, so that they can gain grounds and make headway against the modern-day music that is overshadowing our heritage themes.
If you are an ardent lover of music and nature, this cultural fiesta is disposed to take you on a musical safari in the woods of Ranthambore, with some tiger tales.

We are superrr-excited after hearing the names of these world famous artists who are going to join us for the festival. So methinks, why not charge you up! Get ready to thrill to the magic of world’s greatest musicians, who’ll enchant you with their mesmerizing performances during the course of all three days of celebrating the wild and traditional. Sneak a peek-

Maati Baani                                         

Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik

maati baani

Maati Baani came into existence when Kartik Shah and Nirali Kartik decided to make a song together. It is a result of their efforts to present Indian Classical Music in assorted cultures and diverse languages, with different sounds and voices of the world.
This multi-genre, creative duo is going to perform in collaboration with a host of folk and contemporary musicians. Get set for their silver-toned performance that you’ll remember for times to come.

Kamaicha Performance by Ustad Hakim Khan 

Ustad Hakim Khan & Bariam Khan

ustad hakim khan

Ustad Hakim Khan is one of the last and the most prolific Kamaicha players in the world. He has also trained his son, Bariam Khan, who was also one of his first students.
Kamaicha is a string instrument made of mango wood, featuring a round resonator covered in goat leather. His 400 year old instrument is fashioned simply, yet capable of a rich and complex depth of sound.
Are you ready for this musical experience that’ll take you back in time? We hope you do not get so lost in their hypnotizing performance that you forget to make a video for all your friends and relatives back home!
Zila Khan & The Nomads

aaj jane ki zid na karo

Sufi Legend Ustad Ma Zila Khan will teach the basics of appreciating traditional Indian music, as well enlightening the attendees on the history and legacy of classical Indian music in ‘The Grammar of Music’ workshop on the second day of the festival.
Do you feel that you’ve seen her somewhere? Well, don’t think. You probably know her from the bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani as Ruhani Begum. Yes, she’s an actor too! Don’t forget a selfie with her, yeah?

Rajeev Raja Combine

rajeev raja combine

Rajeev Raja, who leads this ‘big’ name in the world of musicians, is one of the best Jazz and Fusion flautists in India. His band is a fusion band with elements from various styles like Jazz, Indian classical, Latin, etc.
They are in readiness to enthrall you with the powerful rhythms and spontaneous syncopation. Travel back with these dulcet tones recorded in the back of your mind that’ll be on auto-play for a days to come!

Fabrizio Cassol 

fabrizio cassol

Fabrizio Cassol is a Belgian saxophonist. He is particularly interested in non-European music. You won’t realize how he does it, but he just strikes the right notes to leave you in love with saxophone and the saxophonist.

Witness the most beautiful convergence of East and West, as Zila Khan & The Nomads join forces with The Rajeev Raja Combine, along with Fabrizio Cassol for a riveting performance that will take the listeners on the journey to the best of both worlds.

Khartaal Performace by Gafoor Khan

Gafoor Khan & Sons

gafoor khan and sons

Ustaad Gafoor Khan is India’s foremost Khartaal performer. Khartaal is a palm-sized percussive instrument that was forged in his own family. His performance is rightly titled ‘Heartbeat of the Desert’, that is exactly what it is!
Plunge into the sea of music and hearken the tales of centuries past as this celebrated folk musician puts on a mesmerizing performance with his vocals, harmonium and khartaal’s mastery.

Folk Music Performances by Various Other Folk Artists

Jameel Khan & Sakar Khan

jameel khan

Ranthambore Festival is promoting the talent of such folk artists that remains unidentified. It is to provide them a platform to showcase their skills. The festival bears witness to their flair for traditional, Rajasthani music and musical instruments. 
Tales from the tribe
 by Hakam Khan, Lalu Khan, Kutla Khan Mansamram and many others and Indigenous Folk Music by Latif Khan, Adrim Khan, Ramzan Khan and other musicians are amongst the many performances by the local artists. This is sure gonna be a euphonic experience!

Sufi Peformance by Rajasthan Police

rajasthan police

Never last, never least. The Sufi Avatar of Rajasthan Police steals the show, always! You might have heard them in the South Asian Sufi Festival at Jaipur, but this time it is going to be a completely different experience to sit back, relax and watch them march to the same tune, as you flow with the devotional music. Ecstatic!

So people! Fired up? Then what are you waiting for? Go, register now and get ready to fly high as a kite! *Register Here!*

Festival all-access passes plus hotel stay packages available on BookMyShow: *Here!*
Watch the Festival Promo video *Here!*
Visit the official Facebook Page *Here!*

Telephone: +91-9969976419 |+91-9320038513 | +91-7506300883

Stay Tuned for more updates about the festival! –


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