August 16, 2018
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Seeking Warmth In The Memories From Day-2 At The Ranthambore Festival

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • January 28, 2017

At the edge of night, as the second day of Ranthambore Festival comes to a sweet end, we are freezing along the pool side, seeking warmth in the memories from this day. Wanna take a ride through it? Let’s go!

Brain Detox

brain detox

A moment of peace amidst all the bustle of the fest. Tritha Sinha connected audience with their own selves through her healing voice. Indian voice meditation workshop was a fresh kick that infused happy vibes in the air. Aligning voice notches with strangers from around the globe refreshed the minds. Tritha’s musical ragas created a fifth dimension away from all worldly things.

Human Clan for Tigers

In a sunny session at Amphitheatre, Aditya ‘Dicky’ Singh enlightened the audience with some awe-inspiring facts about animals of Ranthambore forests. Tiger Watch, a Ranthambore based NGO working for animals of this region is taking some laudable steps to create a balanced ecosystem where humans and animals co-exist. The way he talked about animals, calling them by name and not by species was something very heart-warming.

Sufi Avatar Of State’s Coppers

sufi avatar

Talent stores away in the most unlikeliest people, at the most unlikeliest place. As much as we appreciate our Rajasthan Police on duty, we loved them here in their Sufi Avatar. This initiative was taken to showcase the amazing skills that our cops are born with. We were amused to see their engaging performance. Our heart popped out of our eyes watching them perform Qawwali. It was a sight to behold!

Ignited Moments

Who wouldn’t enjoy to fire and scenic views on a cold evening?
Maruthi Kalari School’s performers left the audience gazing in awe, as the fire danced on their tune at their swift and sharp movements. Bare-chested men danced around waters of Hathikund with fire lit ropes in hands and glint in eyes. Their acts heated up the otherwise chilled evening.

Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Naa Karo…

aaj jane ki zid na karo

You cannot say no to two things: Coffee and Good Music and imagine what happened when ‘Zila Khan & The Nomads’ played some foot-tapping music to jazz us up a little bit while we were sipping on our hot coffee in cold air at the Hathikund Main Stage of Nahargarh Palace. The crowd was set on a journey to an altogether different universe as she sang a potpourri of songs, with an Indo-Jazz fusion band- Rajeev Raja Combine & Belgian Saxophonist- Fabrizio Cassol.
Time freezed when she said “Mujhe Ishq hai aapse…” while singing our all-time favourite, ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd naa karo’ in her own unique way.

Now this frigid weather is freezing our butts off. This was all about Day-2 at Ranthambore Festival. To know more, or to check out the live updates, visit our live blog!



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