August 16, 2018
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Wending Your Way To Ranthambore Festival? Here’s What To Expect From The Three Day Festival!

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • January 26, 2017

Have you been planning to make the best out of the first long weekend of the year? We have plans better than your best! (Unless, your best plan already is hitting the Land of Tigers for the Ranthambore Festival.)
Just see in the mind’s eye what aesthetic pleasure that is going to be! Reposing in the lap of nature, giving ear to the tiger tales, partaking of the authentic Rajasthani food, pepping up in the calm hidey-holes of the magnificent Nahargarh Palace, walking down the narrow lanes of the city to explore the local traditions and fleeting on a Tiger Safari. All this, and heaven too!

Though we know you’ve been conceiving images in your mind already, we’d still want to mount up the excitement levels for the coming three days, by listing the six best things at the festival that one should watch for!

Hot Air Ballooning, Ofcourse!

hot air balloon

If your aren’t already flying as high as a kite even after knowing that they have hot air ballooning on all three days of the festival, my friend, you’re weird! Because it isn’t casual to take a round from the sky, over the greens of Ranthambore and capturing a bird’s eye view. I’d rather call it a flying escapade.

Drum Circles

drum circles

Much to the delight of drummers everywhere, they have included an interactive drum circle on the first and second day of the festival. It is going to be like a music therapy to de-stress, loosen and lighten up. Experience the spontaneous creation of music as each participant thumps and throbs. Who would want to skip this amazing opportunity to express oneself while perfectly resonating with others to foster a melody.

Sound Meditation Workshop

sound meditation workshop

As you step into the second day, you’ll find yourself in a musical surrounding and to top it off, the festival schedule has sound meditation workshops by two of the greatest maestros – Martin Dubois and Tritha Sinha.
While Tritha will combine Tibetan bowl music with Indian classical concepts of the raga & sargam to help connect with your vocal chords and elevate your spirits through meditation, Martin will teach you one of his most unique musical skills- overtone singing, which involves imitating the sounds of animals & nature for a ‘harmonic massage’.

Fooood Festival

food fest

Who isn’t a food fan, right? We all love to eat, but there are some who live to eat and this day long food festi
val is gonna be their hours of joy! Tantalizi
ng aroma and rich flavors of the authentic Rajasthani cuisines are going to sweep you off your feet. Apart from that, they have assorted gastronomical delights to satiate your taste buds.

Yoga & Meditation yoga n meditation

When we say it’s gonna be a refreshing experience, we mean it literally. This is the perfect place to unwind, as you integrate your emotions and elevate your spirits while meditating with leading expert Kadambari Ravi, who will bring her calming influence to the Festival via yoga and meditation workshops under her brand ‘Kadambari Wellness’.

Performances Rooted In Indian Culture

music and dance performance

Witness the mesmerizing music and dance performances amalgamating tribal, folk and contemporary, to highlight how nature expresses itself as an Art. There’s a list of performers who’re going to adorn the stage during all three days of the festival, which incudes Dancer Extraordinaire Mallika Sarabhai and other great music prodigies like Zila Khan, Maati-Baani, Rajeev Raja, Fabrizio Cassol, Karl Lutchmayer, Ustad Gafoor Khan, Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe, et al. You can find details about these artistes in our previous article, *here!*.

This is not the end of the chapter, they have so many super-fun activities, like the Wildlife Film ScreeningInteractive Cookout sessionsNature Safaris, Pop-up Souk and more!

Festival all-access passes plus hotel stay packages available on BookMyShow: *Here!*
Watch the Festival Promo video *Here!*
Visit the official Facebook Page *Here!*

Telephone: +91-9969976419 |+91-9320038513 | +91-7506300883

Stay Tuned for live updates about the festival! –


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