August 16, 2018
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Seaside Startup Summit India.Goa – Discovering the India

  • by Pawas Jain
  • March 10, 2018

Seaside Startup Summit, taking place in Goa, is taking all the steps towards making the event even more impactful for all stakeholders.

The organizers have prepared a special “Women Entrepreneur Award” for the International Women’s Day celebration. The best startups, whose founders are females were honored to be invited to Goa Governor’s, Mridula Sinha’s, residence to take their awards. After a pleasant welcome, Mridula Sinha told some stories, in particular from Indian Mythology, to the female entrepreneurs, speakers and organizing team from Armenia and shared her insights about the event. Especially interesting for Mridula Sinha was the concept of the Summit: non-formal environment of a tent camp which makes people to break away from their mobile phones, start communicating face-to-face and sharing with each other experience and knowledge. During the conversation, startups were introducing their projects to Mridula Sinha and some of them even brought the early sample models. At the end of the Goa’s Governor gave awards to the entrepreneurs and encouraged them to continue working on their projects and contributing to the development of startup ecosystem. In addition, during the visit an agreement was signed between e Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs of India and Workolab, which aims to support women entrepreneurs in research by incubating them with Workolab and initiating different support systems.

After 3 productive days full of workshops and campfire talks held by experienced professionals, on the 4th day they were already prepared for the long-awaited brand battles. There were 8 brand battles held: Retail, Enterprise B2B/SaaS, Edutech, Healthcare, Social Impact, Smart Cities/Industrial IoT, Mobie Apps/Gaming, Fintech. After the brand battles the startups spent their evening around the campfire and attended a number of workshops that were held by industry leaders. Among them were Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and the topic of his workshop was “I’m an angel investor – ask me anything!!”, Xavier Prabhu, who was talking about “Building a personal brand”, Vinay Singhal, who was sharing his experience of building a global media brand from India and Neeraj Rathore.

On the last day of the Summit (March 10), the Big Startups Battle will take place, during which can participate all ‘early-stage’ startups regardless of the field they are active in. On this day the jury members will make decisions regarding the winning startups, who will get their prizes during the closing ceremony. The ones who will not be able to take award, will stay in the winning position anyway, since they have met new friends, established valuable connections, exchanged knowledge, which is more valuable than any prize. Everyone who attends the Summit will take away a priceless and unique experience, because this is the place where trust is born, where ideas are appreciated and the initiatives are encouraged. Even though the event comes to its end, Seaside Startup Summit will sail to other destinations.

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