January 26, 2020
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JNU attack: The politics of hatred and impunity

  • by Ifra Rashid
  • January 11, 2020

In the wake of Citizenship Amendment Bill, protests had first started in the Jamia Milia Islamia on December 9th. After this Aligarh Muslim University had joined Jamia on December 13th  as the Citizenship Amendment Act has been deemed Anti-Muslim and attempts to deny citizenship rights only to Muslims. Moreover, it goes on to granting citizenship to the non-Muslim refugees from three Muslim majority neighbouring countries of India: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

The Home Minister of India, Amit Shah had stated this fact about Citizenship Amendment Act while explaining its clauses to the news media across the country. He had said that the bill seeks to give citizenship to non-Muslims from the three neighbouring Muslim countries. The protests grew intense all over the country when Delhi police barged into the Jamia campus and sabotaged the library while injuring several students. A similar kind of police action was followed in the Aligarh Muslim University where Uttar Pradesh police had dealt violently with the students, amputating and blinding many protesting students.


Recently on the evening of January 5th,  a group of students affiliated to the left wing politics along with some teachers were allegedly attacked by the masked goons in the JNU campus. The President of the JNU Student Union Aishe Ghosh and professor Suchitra Sen were brutally attacked on the head with hockey sticks. All the students who were attacked along with them got immediately admitted to AIIMS trauma centre. A masked goon amongst them was said to be carrying acid as well.

While this attack was taking place in the JNU, the police failed to take any prompt action and was found being a mute spectator at the JNU entrance gate. The street lights were kept shut for a couple of hours. Later in the night the attackers were seen roaming around the campus casually. In over 5 days no legitimate action has been taken. The pertinent question which looms over scarily now is whether the police is deliberately protecting these goons as a part of a political cover-up or is it something deeper, which we, as regular citizens cannot understand. Delhi police, as a matter of fact, directly reports to the Home Ministry of India.

Were those masked goons affiliated to the student wing of the Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh, ABVP as has been shown all over the popular media? Delhi Police had earlier denied attacking protestors at Jamia and outside Jama Masjid. Even the UP and Karnataka Police denied shooting any protester in their respective states. Among the 30 reported deaths during the anti-CAA protests , majority of the victims were Muslims

An anti-government nationwide general strike took place on January 8th, in which over 250 million people participated across the country which includes, trade unions, student unions and farmers. 29 major universities in the county have launched solidarity protests against the brutal attack on AMU, Jamia and JNU.

If the administration has turned against a section of its population and the students are attacked inside their campuses, then are there any safe places left in the country?  If the citizens of the country are not protected from the ones and by the ones who are responsible of providing protection to them, then is it okay to say that India is turning into a rogue state? It doesn’t seem to be an overstatement to say that we are being “ruled” by “tyrants”

Think. Speak Up. Act.

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