June 18, 2018
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5 Reasons to attend TEDxLNMIIT

  • by Pawas Jain
  • December 28, 2017

Watch any TED video and you’re most certainly meet  with an intellectual adrenaline rush, like the feeling that rips through you after a significant accomplishment.  Except this time, the thrill is triggered by the imagination and not the act.

So, of course we’re biased, but we stand firm that everybody should try to get along to at least one TEDx event in their lifetime. Why? Well, here’s just five reasons we think TEDxLNMIIT should not be missed.

Hear real stories from real people with extraordinary ideas

TED talks are not about selling or hidden agendas. They are about real stories and ideas that have had real impact or have the potential to influence change. TEDx events provide the opportunity to see talks live, as you would at TED, and there is a big difference between watching a YouTube video and being in the audience. It’s a different experience being part of the applause, the laughs, even the occasional tears.

TEDxLNMIIT is all about simple heart touching, sometimes mind boggling, yet authentic storytelling and meeting TED’s vision of “ideas worth spreading”

 Be surrounded by curious, brilliant people

We’re proud of the diverse and fascinating individuals that TEDxLNMIIT will bring together. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds and disciplines and share experiences that could change the way you think. Our audience come prepared to engage and not just absorb, they are keen to contribute their opinions and ideas. This can prove to be a golden chance to network with the best. It is this collaboration that brings true value. The conversations during networking take on a new life when people start talking about the topics. It’s fun to discuss these great ideas with people in person.

 Uniting world-class speakers with future greats

TEDxLNMIIT will host a range of awe-inspiring speakers, some very well known, some less so.

As we intend to provide you a peek into the insights, the speaker’s list completes with connoisseurs, philosophers and artists on board. We have personalities ranging from a contemporary advocate of energy – saving, to a world-renowned artist having his roots in our culture, and to a 22-year old on a mission to change the Political structure of the country….Oh, the excitement is just too hard to contain!

We’re proud to be able to give our audience access to some of the speakers they most wish to see, whilst also introducing them to new faces and stories. This alone ensures that when you leave the venue, you will leave with wonderful memories and ideas that will change your perspective of life forever.

The conversation continues

The TEDx event is just the beginning. The conversations that will start at TEDxLNMIIT will continue on social platforms and with meetings and discussions thereafter. We’re delighted to bring people together who have gone on to create new businesses and implemented change into local communities. You surely don’t wanna miss the life time opportunity of having a face off conversation with them.

You’ll look at things differently

Whether it’s one talk or idea that hits a cord or the energy from the whole day, it would be impossible to leave without feeling compelled and inspired by something you experience at a TEDx event. So join us, the day might as well change your life

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