August 14, 2018
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 Empty Wallet? 10 Things To Do In Jaipur For FREE

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • May 3, 2017

Penny-less equals fun-less, right? While this may be true for many places, surely not for Jaipur. Here are 10 incredible things to do in Jaipur that won’t cost you a single penny and will give you truckloads of fun memories.

Have Free Lunch & Dinner

Govind Devji Temple located in the walled city serves free meals to hundreds of devotees. All you need to do is to get in the line, grab the coupons and viola your plate of delicious food will find its way to you without any money. The food served here is very hygienic, you get rice, chapatti, dal, poori, aloo sabzi and sweet kheer in a single plate, which is really yummy and satisfying!

Attend Poetry Recitals & Meet-ups

Lately, many groups and communities have been organizing free meet-ups, slams, dance battles for people to come, perform and have a good time for free. Some such communities are Poetry Recitals, Colored Ink, Jaipur Book Lovers, etc. Kythera, a community of artists organize dance and music slams in Jaipur, likewise, Poetry Recitals also arrange weekly poetry meet-ups at different locations where young poets come to share and celebrate their love for poetry. Another such community is Taal Inc. which organize drum circles at different locations every month. This is an initiative to make people stress-free by drumming and is an absolutely free of cost experience.

 Gyming  at Central Park

Who said that only expensive gyms and fitness centers can help you stay healthy? Head over to Central Park every morning for a jog or exercise in the serene environment. The park got equipped with open air gym last year only and all the equipment here are free to use. You’ll be stunned to see a high number of people of all age groups, working out enthusiastically. And you’ll surely make some park friends to hang out with after your morning routine.

Watch City From Nahargarh

Nahargarh provides a fascinating view of Jaipur city. Hitch-hike to the top and watch the glitzy town moving in its busy bustle. You could take a wine bottle or some snacks along to eat or even a book to read in the calm clamor of Nahargarh. This could also be a perfect place to hang out with old buddies, sit on the stone parapets and pavements and talk your heart out. Don’t forget to click some sassy pictures under the clear sky at Nahargarh Fort.

Binge Download Your Favourite Movies & More

The government has created free highspeed WiFi zones in Jaipur. Should you wish to download movies for your movie marathon, just sneak into one of these zones and download without any hassle. It may look creepy, but hey, you must try different things in life! See list of free WiFi zones in Jaipur here

Gorge Some Rare Books

The Public Library of Jaipur located at Chaura Rasta houses a huge collection of books on almost every subject. Fiction, arts, law, sc-fi, Hindi, English, Urdu, comics, magazines, in short, everything that you wish to read can be availed at this age-old library in the walled city, for free. Sit in their archaic reading room and read some amazing books. You can even borrow these books for price less than that of a cup of coffee, see how.

Window Shopping!

Shopping is always fun, but for when you don’t wish to splurge your hard earned money, just go for a window shopping spree to keep yourself updated about the fashion and trends. There are ample of places for this in Jaipur, go to malls like Triton, Pink Square etc. to look into brands or just visit local bazaars like Bapu Bazar, Johari Bazar, Badi Chaupar etc. for some ethnic goodies, junk jewelry, plastic ware, mojris, etc.

Arrange A Photoshoot

Got a new haircut? Show it to the world! We all have that one friend who takes amazing pictures, just cajole that friend of yours and arrange a photo shoot because there are many flabbergasting locations in Jaipur that can be availed for free like Nahargarh, Swarn Jayanti Park, Smriti Van, Chaand Baori, etc to name a few. Also, the new wall art at metro stations could act as a good backdrop, check them out if you haven’t.

Watch Light & Sound Show At Jawahar Circle

Jaipur’s Jawahar Circle is the largest circle in Asia and what’s more fascinating than this fact is the sound & light show that runs here every evening. The gentle breeze of the fountain and soothing music makes this a relaxing experience.  Go there, sit and watch lights dancing with waters on soothing music tones or you could be little crazier and dance right there. Fear none, you have got just one life, enjoy it!

Attend Happy Streets On Sundays

Happy Streets is a fun activity organized by TOI at Ramniwas Bagh, every Sunday from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. With cycling, dancing, badminton, football, martial arts and more, there is enough to excite those who want an active Sunday morning. And to double up the fun there are amazing performances like stand-up comedy, morning ragas and getting caricatures drawn by artists live. So the next time you’re broke, take it as an opportunity to sign up for at least one of these ten fun activities.

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