June 23, 2018
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An Inspiring Story Of Gulab JI- 95 Year Old Man Serving Love Through Chai

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • August 1, 2017

Many a time in life we come across people who not only leave us mesmerised with their success and simplicity but also inspire us to become a better human being.

To enjoy the super awesome mausam we ended up at everyone’s favourite Gulab Ji for a Cup of Chai and Samosa Bun. Sitting there was a man in white dhoti-kurta with the most genuine smile on his face. On a course of chai and gapshap, he introduced us to his struggles, achievements, family and lifestyle.

How were your childhood days?
I was born in a family that followed feudalism. My family was well to do and was highly respected in the society. Back then things were really different and life was much simpler. My childhood was beautiful and there are many fond memories of those days. People were ready to sacrifice for each other and for the country.

How the idea of starting a tea- stall struck you?
I was never really curious about joining my family business and even after studying it for few years it couldn’t interest me. I wanted to make money on my own and use it for the upliftment of society. In 1946 I started a small tea stall and everyone praised it. People use to come from a far end to sip up the tea I prepared and shared their stories with me.

 What followed after 1946?
I made a little money at that time and use to serve free chai to 2-3 people. The routine followed and the number of people kept increasing. Even today my morning starts with serving free Chai, Kachori and bread to 200-300 people every day. Also, I provide free lunch coupons to around 300 people every day using which they fill their stomach.

How was the journey of Gulab Singh to Gulab JI?
It sure wasn’t the simplest road I have travelled but it gave me immense satisfaction. From a thela to now most renowned tea shop in the city, the journey has been beautiful. What I like the most is the love, affection and respect people have showered me with over years. It’s the blessing of you all that today at the age of 95 my body is still working just fine.

Any advice you want to give to the younger generation?
No one has ever become poor by giving. The joy of giving and seeing someone else happy because of a small effort made from your side can’t be defined in words. Work harder but only to become a better human being.

Thank you, Gulab Ji, for inspiring us and for filling our life with the sweetness of your Chai and positivity through your words.

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