July 22, 2018
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Five Notable Art Galleries of Jaipur that You Probably Don’t Know About

  • by Harshita Yadav
  • March 31, 2017

Jaipur has been an oasis of culture since generations, and you may not know but the place has done a lot to promote the work of the emerging artists across India. Moreover, the city also boasts of the places that will let you peep into the imaginary world of some of the brilliant artists through their artworks.

So, if you want to take a slight detour this time apart from the regular restaurant hopping and indulging yourself in a shopping spree, then check out Connect Jaipur’s list of some of the notable art galleries in town that you can pay a visit:

Gallery Artchill


Gallery artchill started in the year 1994  with a motive to assemble the artistic collections of the famous and emerging artists across India and put their art forward in front of the masses. It is located within the premises of the opulent Amber Fort and hosts a museum named ‘Eternity’ which has preserved some of the greatest artworks of the renowned painters like Jamini Roy, Ram Kinker, and many others.

Location: Amber Fort, Jaipur

ICA Gallery


Indian Contemporary Arts Gallery(ICA) has been a host to a large number of artists from across the world and has promoted various artworks especially in oil, watercolor and mixed media.  The place also organizes workshops, exhibitions, and camps for the general people who want to hone their skills as an artist.

 Location:  73/C, Shankar Nagar Ext., Kagdiwara, Opp. Ram Garh Mod, Jaipur 

Samanvai Art Gallery


Samanvai Art Gallery has been catering to the contemporary artists for more than a decade now since its inception in 2002. The place also offers workshops, exhibitions, and seminars regarding fine arts every now and then.

Location:  Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Modern Art Gallery 


It is one of the oldest art galleries in Jaipur and was inaugurated by Maharaja Ram Singh at Ravindra Manch. Modern Art Gallery was initiated as a famine relief project and since then has served as a platform to showcase the State’s art at its best. Over time, the place has promoted the art of several sculptors and modern artists from Rajasthan.

Location: Ravindra Manch, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jaipur

Naila Bagh Art Gallery


The artworks that you’ll find here are not just restricted to a particular theme and rather they are an amalgamation of various styles ranging from traditional to abstract in various mediums. The place also offers residential facilities for the artists.

Location: Naila Bagh Palace, Moti Doongari Road, Jaipur

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