June 19, 2018
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Get Your Saturday Sorted With Beer Challenges & Great Music At This Lounge In Jaipur

Most of us have had a super hectic year, with a whole lot of hustle bustle and complete all out ruckus every now and then. Take a little break and head on over for this party that has some crazy challenges for you.

So, this Saturday, the 16th of December will be a day that calls for some cray celebrations over at Ten11 Lounge and Disc. It is pretty much a staple hangout spot for the jet-setting party crowd of Jaipur and this deal is just gonna cement that status. This celebration is the talk of the town and is called ‘The Neon Party’.

As exciting as it sounds, this jamboree has in store the kind of challenges you wish for!

Time Bomb Contest : Tick tock on the clock, as crazy as it sounds, the challenge is to chug down 5 beers in exactly 4 minutes, the participation fee for which is INR 600.

Bladder Burst : Chug till your system gives you, to be clear, drink till you pee, damn crazy, right? The participation fee is INR 700.

Not only beer for your fun, DJ DTOXX and DJ EMOIX would help you set the stage on fire with their oh-so-amazing dance tracks and music! You’re prolly gonna spot us there, chugging away like there ain’t no tomorrow. And winners always get rewarded, no? So surprise gifts for all the winners of the contest.

Located in the heart of Jaipur, Ten11 Lounge and Bar the rad joint is all about rejoicing and having a good time with your buddies! They’ve got good food, good drinks as well as good music! See you there, overflowing beer mugs in hand!


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