August 16, 2018
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Rajasthan Heat hits an Average of 45°C : Follow these Tips before Stepping Out

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • June 3, 2018

With Rajasthan hitting an all time high of an average 45 degree Celsius, the heat is becoming harder and harder to bear. Although he sun is relentlessly beating upon us life doesn’t stop. WIC urges all its readers to keep the following tips in mind before stepping out in the sun-

  1. Load up on fluids every 15 minutes and stay away from alcohol and caffeine based drinks as the have a dehydrating effect on the body. Doctors recommend that you drink water even if you aren’t feeling thirsty.
  2. Opt for a light diet over heavy greasy food items. Stay away from fried food as they take longer time to digest and heck that your food is freshly prepared. Eatables tend to go stale quickly in the summer heat.
  3. Daily exercise is a good regimen to follow, but during summers this discipline might be heavy on your body. Avoid exercising during the hottest part of the day, take frequent breaks and prefer indoor workouts as opposed to outdoor workouts.
  4. Season veggies and fruits are the best go to food items. Mangoes, watermelons and cucumbers have high water content and keep our body full of moisture and keep us cool.
  5. Take care of your skin. Apply sunscreen lotions preferably with SPF higher than 40. Cary Scarves, Stoles while going out and keep babies out of the summer heat,
  6. Traditional Chacch, Aam Panna are the best summer protectants. They save us from the frequent Rajasthan loo and heatwave.
  7. Wear light, loose-fitting cotton or summer friendly clothes which soak your sweat easily and at the same time keep your body cool. Avoid wearing black and other dark colored clothes as black absorbs more heat. Go for light, white and pastel shades that do not absorb that much heat.
  8. In case you feel weak from heat exhaustion, apply a cool water bottle on your pulse points like behind your neck, under the arms and or near the groin. If you’re near home or a park building with bathrooms, grab a cold, wet towel or compress and do the same.
  9. Fabrics like rayon, nylon, wool or satin etc tend to be heavy and make you feel hotter. Stock up on breezy clothes like skirts and kurtis instead of denims and knit fabrics.
  10.  Body odour and sweating are common problems in summers. So it is always advisable to take frequent cool showers to remain fresh and cool.
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