June 23, 2018
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These Festivals Happening In Rajasthan Will Give You Major Travel Goals

Rajasthan is surely a happy place! You know what makes it so happening? Heritage? Of course. But you know what else? The crowd pulling events! So this time we’ve brought together 5 such eye-catching events which are famous, not only in Rajasthan but all around the world as well!

Jaipur Literature Festival

Described as the ‘greatest literary show on Earth’, the Jaipur Literature Festival is the world’s largest free event of its kind.
Equity and democracy run through the Festival’s veins, placing some of the world’s greatest minds, humanitarians, historians, politicians, business leaders, sports people and entertainers from all walks of life together on stage. This free and egalitarian access to these renowned thinkers and writers is a powerful statement in a country where access to such individuals remains the privilege of a few. The Jaipur Literature Festival provides a potentially life-changing opportunity for audiences from Rajasthan, across India and the world to learn from and exchange ideas with contemporary literary stalwarts.

The Pushkar Fair

The Pushkar Fair, also known as the Pushkar Camel Fair, or Pushkar Mela, is a colorful and vibrant display of unique exhibitions, exciting competitions, and fascinating events. Extending to seven days, this annual camel and livestock fair, held in the town of Pushkar between the months of October and November, draws a large number of crowds. Besides, this fair is renowned for being one of the world’s largest cattle fairs. Apart from its celebratory aspect, this wonderful event also possesses a religious significance. Over the years, the fair has found an honorable mention in Rajasthan Tourism.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival

The Rajasthan International folk festival (RIFF) is India’s first annual folk festival which celebrates the traditional folk music and arts. The festival is organized to offer an open platform to all the musicians and folk artist from India and around the world. More than 250 musicians and art performers from Rajasthan, India and Overseas get together and celebrate the traditional folk music and art heritage, creating innovative collaborations with an exciting fusion of international and Indian folk music accompanied by exciting performances. Every year in the month of October, RIFF commemorates different musical heritages by creating new sounds through innovative collaborations. The festival promises lots of sizzling performances from local and international artists.

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is a colorful festival held in February every year. You will get to see Cultural events, camel races, turban tying competitions etc. Not exciting enough! Attend the contests to judge the man with the best moustache. Everything is exotic in the Desert festival, amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert. With a final musical performance by folk singers under the moonlit sky at the dunes in Sam, just outside Jaisalmer, the festival comes to its end. The rich culture of the region is on display during this three day long extravaganza.

Summer Festival, Mount Abu

The festival in its essence is to mark the lively spirit of the locals and to celebrate the cheerful attitude with which the town welcomes tourists. The festival begins with a colorful procession followed by picturesque conclusion ceremony at Nakki Lake. Here, the festival paints an interesting picture with boat races, horse race, and band shows. The celebration is accompanied by ballad singing, folk song and dance performance by the local artists and stunning fireworks at the end of the day. The second and third day is more eventful with its string of competitions such as a musical chair, fancy dress, matka (pot) race, tug-of-war among others.

Ranthambore Festival

Ranthambore Festival is in readiness to take you on a drive, sometimes Into The Wild, and the other times to a completely different world of Art, Music, Dance, and what not! Experience Nature, Food, and Culture, everything par excellence at this exciting carnival. The festival is organized by a local, non-profit organization, Puqaar Foundation. It is heedfully planned to bring forth the beauty of nature, music, and culture, with a focus on conservation.

All that and much more! So, never underestimate the power of a royal state! 

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