June 19, 2018
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Soak Yourself In The Winter Evening & Celebrate The Art Of Poetry At This Event Happening In Jaipur

“Words are the brush and paint your heart and can take you through every emotion in the world.” We are reminded of this great quote whenever poetry comes into the the picture, a picture painted with beautiful words.

And we all know that poetry is an art very few can master. One out of those rare people Dr. Rahat Indori Who has never failed to mesmerise the world with his magical art of reciting. This living legend has been the master of poetry since 45 years. Not only has he been a poetry master but also has mastered the art as a Bollywood lyricist and a celebrity poet. And we believe nothing is better than standing a chance to listen to him live. He is loved by his million fans not only for his poetic brilliance but also for a very peculiar style of rendering ash’aars

The Poetry Recitals, is a platform for budding poets and artists to show their abilities and also let them use the stage to learn from other acclaimed poets and artists. This time they are organising ‘The Rahat Indori Show’ in Jaipur celebrating the poetic legend Dr. Rahat Indori. The show would give us a chance to learn and listen to the various aspects of poetry that are explained in his recitals and also cherish the beauty of Urdu poetry.


11th February, 2018


Maharana Pratap Auditorium, Jaipur


6.30 PM Onwards

Tickets Available Here

Find out more about the event here

So let the experience breathe out poetry and drown yourself in the immense pleasure of poetry!

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