June 18, 2018
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This New Cafe in Jaipur is Opening with an Awesome Friday Sundowner Evening!

  • by Pawas Jain
  • December 27, 2017

Since childhood, we have always loved food which is prepared by hand and made with a lot of love. However the current market trends have changed the way we eat outside and we have largely become accustomed to food which is more of junk and less of crafting and precision. From our coffees to even rotis, everything is being made on machines and has lost the taste of love.

Finally, Jaipur will now have a new destination which will break the current market trends and will revolve around handcrafted food and beverages, which will be served in a unique taste like never before. Publicopening on December 29th, on the rooftop of Hotel Clarks Inn, is also going to be first of its kind cafe in the entire adjoining area.

Rooftops have always held a special charm (especially in Winters) for the people of Jaipur and Public has been successful in retaining that place with its beautiful view, quaint setup and Live screening of music and sports. While we got an exclusive peek-a-boo for the cafe, they have an amazing Friday Sundowner Evening planned for the public launch. The event is exclusively ideated and conceptualized by The Food Craft Company.  

We often feel jealous of people in global metro cities such as London, Singapore and Mumbai, who have their daily post-office hangout hubs to relieve themselves after a stressful working day with a pint of beer, a glass of wine and chilling with friends, before they go back to home and crash in the bed. Surprisingly, Public just gives that exact feeling! This is the hub which can prove to be Jaipur’s daily hangout place where you can unwind for a couple of hours after a stressful working day!

With its upscale ambience and beautiful view, Public also has some amazing offerings on the menu, specially handcrafted by their team, such as Pan Pizza, superbly delicious Hand Beaten Coffee to go with Savory Puffs and even Freakshakes for your cheat days! The highlight being that they also have a number of handmade in-house Bakery Products, which might just be the next buzz thing in Jaipur soon!

Over all, with this effort Public has tried to create a curtailed, custom made and handcrafted experience which gives you a homely feeling of your daily hangout bar! Put this on your to-visit list this coming weekend, when it opens with a beautiful Sundowner Evening and enjoy the calm of the sunset away from the rush and hustle of your daily lives!

Location: Hotel Clarks Inn, D-55-A, Madho Singh Rd, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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