All around the globe from Myanmar to South Sudan to Venezuela, more and more people are fleeing from their country for their lives or escaping from the poverty than ever before though their chances of finding safety and security in terms of living wages are shrinking as the western world is repeatedly making newer policies to check the fresh tide of migrants. Europe has seen international migration since post world war period and it has not got down well in their internal politics of states. On both sides of the Atlantic the issue of immigration has thrown traditional politics into disorder and blurred the distinction between the political refugees and economic migrants.  This has led to the rise of populist politics thriving in the recent years by fuelling hate politics against immigrants.  Today around 3 percent of world population is international migrants.

Economist John Kenneth once said “migration is the oldest action to combat poverty, it is good for the country too which they go. It helps to break the equilibrium of poverty in the country from which they come. What is the perversity in the human soul that causes people to resist so obvious a good”. Migrants boosts the cheap labour force required to smoothly run the economies of developed nations. Moreover it encourages investment and growth of host nations and in turn helps the developing nations by influx of wealth and thus helping them economically . In 2014 around 436 billion was received by developing nations.  It also helps the aging population of some developed nations where the growing aging population is a new problem.

International migration has some serious challenges which should be addressed. The population of the host nations see the migrants as a touchstone of fear which makes them insecure about the changing demography of their nation as well as job opportunities of the native population. Similarly, the refugees face a lot of challenge as they have limited access to labour markets, education and public goods. Thus they are forced the work in grey areas of the social order where they are easily exploited and devoid of their fundamental human rights and living conditions.

Demographic factors, globalization, environmental degradation, cross border tensions will further aggravate the situation of migration in the near decades. No country is capable too solve this problem itself. To find the solution a global call for cooperation has to be made. Immediate policies to help the refugees should be made and the countries which help the migrant population must be welcomed and awarded in the global community. The united nations organization announced December 18 as International Migrants Day to recognize the increasing number migrants and to reaffirm migrant freedom. We should hope for a better cooperation between nations to foster solidarity and humanitarian effort for the poor who are not to be blamed for their poverty and ill conditions in their homeland in this man made economical and political systems which has a lot of shortcomings.