The nation is mourning over the death of tigress Avni who was mercilessly shot down on the orders of the Supreme Court on the 3rd of November,2018. The order was passed after the tigress was accused of killing 13 men, a mother of 2 cubs, she was baited and killed in cold blood. The entire incident boils down to the fact that humans fail to understand that this behavior among animals like tigers is not normal, it is only when we encroach upon their lands or when these animals grow old that they resort to eating human flesh.

Jim Corbett once said- “It is a tiger that has been compelled through stress of circumstances beyond its control to adopt a diet alien to it. The stress is, in nine cases out of ten, wounds, and in the tenth case, old age. Human beings are not natural prey of tigers, and it is only when tigers have been incapacitated through wounds or old age that, in order to survive, they are compelled to take to a diet of human flesh.” We are greedily coveting the natural habitats of our co-inhabitants to fulfill our own needs, in the end failing to face the consequences as well. With the ever decreasing forest cover animals have been forced to come out of the forests in search of food and shelter for survival.

Killing Avni should’ve been the last resort, the government could have issued an order to capture Avni and keep her in a cage or leave her in some national park away fro humans, but the court mercilessly passed orders to kill the creature on site thus displaying incompetency and insensitivity. Killing of Avni is ethically incorrect and appropriate procedure was given no importance.

Answering to the killing of Avni, Maneka Gandhi in a sequence of tweets criticized the Maharashtra government for giving the orders to kill her in spite of opposition from several stakeholders. “I am deeply saddened by the way tigress Avni has been brutally murdered in Yavatmal,” she said in a tweet.

The twitterati is going crazy over this incident and rightfully so.