It is very ironic that while we pray to goddesses and celebrate them with such great enthusiasm, our country doesn’t even give them the respect they deserve in a society. For praying to goddesses, they can spend all their money and love and on the other side every day in the news or newspaper we come across not only one but many rape cases. Sexual assault, domestic violence, marital rapes, raping little girls, what not!

It is more heartbreaking to see that there are people out there who  stand in the way of a rape survivor’s chance to live a normal life. It is a hypocritical society!  It’s extremely sad to see that basic mindsets cannot be changed. Celebrating Kali and Durga is of no purpose when we deprive the women from their basic civil rights.

While on one side women are hailed and worshipped as goddesses, and on the other side, they aren’t even allowed the basic right to enter a place of worship. For example, women are still struggling to enter in Sabrimala temple even after the Supreme Court has passed the law that they can. Mobs are still blocking all the entry gates to the temple and harassing every single woman who is trying to visit the temple.

These are just few examples of the plethora of gross human rights violations that are faced by women and girl on a regular basis. My only question is that why do we worship women in the form of idols and goddesses when in reality we can’t even give them basic human rights? This is a question we all should think about and change our mindsets!