July 20, 2018
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Blazing Jaipur Sun Leads Horse To Rampage Into Car

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • June 5, 2017

Summers are at full power and blistering Sun isn’t showing any mercy. Temperature recorded in city yesterday was over 45 degree Celsius. Not only Jaipurites but also animals are hassled of frightful weather.


In a horrific accident that happened yesterday around 1.30 pm in Jaipur, a Horse lost it’s temper due to scorching heat and crashed into a moving car. According to reports, A Tangawala roped his horse near the edge of road in Hasanpura. Horse was served food and was left to relax , however the food packet ended up blocking his view and bugging already miffed horse. Annoyed by the whole situation, the animal bolted from the rod it was connected, leaving passerby terrored. People stared running to save themselves from wild horse.

Irked animal arrived onto Jacob road and crashed into windshield of a car coming from opposite end. This caused several injuries to both the driver and the horse, though both are out of any danger. It took several hours to pull the animal out from car and created a lot of kiosk blocking traffic on otherwise busy road.

Jaipur heat is getting on everyone. Let’s just hope monsoon arrives soon and till than we are going for a Dermi cool shower. Maybe animals need them too.


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