July 20, 2018
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Families of Jaipur Truck Accident Victims Are Organising A Candle March

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • June 10, 2017

In a horrific accident that happened recently, five persons were killed when an overloaded truck tipped over and crushed their car near Chomu House Circle in Jaipur. The news left everyone in shock and once again raised questions on traffic laws and their enforcement.

While the family is struggling to cope up with their loss, they still await the detailed investigation reports about the accident from Police. One of the family members told us “Rahul my brother and his Fiance Roshni went on a drive around the city to enjoy the sunrise with three of Roshni’s siblings. Near Chomu House Circle an overloaded truck carrying salt coming from opposite side lost it’s balanced while trying to control it’s speed and crashed into their car. The truck tipped over the car and was buried under salt bags and vehicle. The driver ran away without informing anyone. The car was completely flattened due to the heavy weight of salt bags and the truck. My brother and other family members couldn’t find a trace of oxygen due to which they all died of suffocation with several injuries.”

She also informed us “Police reached the scene after being informed about the mishap and left soon without investigating the case predicting that there could be no one under the sacks of salt. They wasted around 2 hours deciding which Police station should investigate the case and then started removing salt bags. After they saw blood they realized there is someone under all the weight and discovered my brother’s car. Now again Police just assumed there is no one inside the car even though they saw the blood on road. They kept swinging the car on the crane for over one hour with bodies inside and took it 1 km away. There were few of them still breathing but Police didn’t do anything about it. They didn’t even help in taking bodies out from the car. They just kept delaying in providing them any medical facility taking all 5 lives away. Even now they have simply arrested the driver and are not conducting any further investigation. One mistake of the driver and negligence from the system has ruined our family. We can’t even imagine the pain my family members are going through.”

“The truck was around 20 kgs overloaded and passed 6-7 Police check post. The driver was driving in a “No Truck Zone” and still no action was taken by any of the officials. He simply bribed police at every check-post. This clearly shows how corrupted our system is and how all Police care about is filling their pockets.”

The accident took place at Chomu Circle which is a running road in Jaipur and is used by thousands every day, yet there was no light and none of the CCTV installed were working. Hence, leaving no trace of proof against anyone. Our system is highly corrupted and no one really follows traffic rules. Actions are taken only after untimely deaths of people and sometimes even the investigations aren’t conducted.

Source: Gatty Images

The families and friends of ones who were killed in the horrendous act are organizing a candle march today i.e. on 10th June 2017 at 06.30 p.m. The march will start at Raj Mahal Palace and will move towards the spot of the accident. The walk is in memory of ones killed and to ask justice for them. There are no updates on the investigation by any official body.

We request you all to please join the candle march this evening and let the families know they are not alone. Show them your support and also stand for what’s wrong. It’s high time and we really need to do something before many other lives are taken. Our system really needs to work on the problems and come up with rules that are very strict for one and all.

Please come forward and stand for the right. And remember- Justice Delayed and Justice Denied.


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