July 22, 2018
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Indian Army send 11 Year Old PoK Boy back with Sweets and Clothes

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • June 30, 2018

News about LoC cross firings and cease fire violations are common, India-Pak hatred is not unheard of since the 1947 partition. But in recent news, the Indian Government has been making efforts to extend a friendly hand with our neighbors.

According to a recent report by Deccan Chronicle, when a little boy crossed the LoC by mistake, the Indian army treated him with gifts and sent him back! The boy, identified as Mohammad Abdullah, was detained by the army on June 24 in Degwar area of Poonch district and immediately presented to Jammu and Kashmir police.

The 11 year old boy had accidentally made his way over the LoC from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The boy was handed over to the authorities after 4 days along with a box of sweets and some clothes, a gift from the Indian Army.

A defence spokesperson said the boy was released on humanitarian grounds to boost the confidence-building measures between India and Pakistan.
“The Indian Army stands by its ethos of being a humane force and maintains sensitivity while dealing with innocent civilians,” the spokesperson added.

After years of territorial hatred, the Indian government seems to have realized the futility of war and the need to maintain friendly relations with its neighbor. While politicians squabble over inches of land, innocent lives are lost. Kudos to the Indian Army for their much needed sensitivity!

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