August 14, 2018
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#lahukalagaan Sanitary Napkins Finally Exempted from GST tyranny

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • July 22, 2018

After a year of protests and criticism, Sanitary Napkins have finally been exempted from the one year rule of GST.

The Goods and Services Commission had since the year 2017 levied a 12℅ tax on sanitary napkins, which was criticized by women all over India since this product is something that is very commonly used by them. Viewing the necessity and the hygiene related to this very product, the tax was not only unjust but cruel.

However, it is ironic that while many daily use items like deodrants, detergent, shaving and after shave preparations had become  cheaper, menstruating women continued to be taxed for an entirely natural process.

In a meeting yesterday, the commission has decided to make sanitary napkins tax free, making women all over the country rejoice.

Although it was long overdue, the move was appreciated on the internet. But like they say

Kal Ka bhuula ghar aajae, toh usse bhuula nahin kehte”


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