June 19, 2018
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Take the #LungPowerChallenge and Speak up against Air Pollution

  • by Pawas Jain
  • February 17, 2018


Hold your breath! No, we mean it! Air pollution has become a hazard like none of us could have ever imagined and the problem is that we have started accepting it as a part of our lives. However, we do not realize the threats that it poses to our future generations, our children, who are already suffering from chronic diseases in Delhi.

The situation is so worsened that breathing the air of Delhi is now equal to smoking 44 cigarettes a day.

The first step to any change, any revolution is Awareness and Awakening. And to create this, 3mins.life has launched the first of its kind #LungPowerChallenge, which challenges you to hold your breath and nominate 3 other friends to do the same to create a mass movement.

Here are 4 reasons you cannot afford to miss LPC-

Feel Good

You will be doing your small bit towards creating some awareness among your followers and friends about the hazards of Air Pollution and how it has affected our living and health. Moreover, this first step might turn into a revolution which can lead to a lot more than just a hashtag, and you will be a proud part of this.

Be the Change Maker

When you nominate your 3 friends, you can proudly feel and boast of the fact among your circle that you are a Change Maker and let them know that you care not just about the environment but also about our future torch bearers of the country

Join numerous celebrities in LPC

The testimony to change is that celebrities from all walks of life are taking the challenge and nominating their friends. Join them in being a part of something towards a larger motive. Take a look at who all have taken the challenge so far –


Start a Conversation

India is awakening to social changes. We saw the movement towards menstrual health awareness during Padman and how we all came together to break an age old taboo and bring it into mainstream. Its high time we realize that Air Pollution is a problem as grave and hazardous as any other and speak about it, initiate discussions about it and not shy away by blaming all of it on the government and authorities. It is time to do our own bit and LPC is an opportunity to take that first step

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