August 16, 2018
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Maharani College Girl Found Dead In Hostel Room, Family Alleges Ragging

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • March 24, 2017

Petit frame,sparkling eyes and innocent face, this is how people will always remember this young adult who proceeded towards her heavenly journey in a manner that nobody ever imagined of.

Komal Prajapat was a first year B.A. English student who came to the city from a nearby town just an year back to attain her dreams. Her mates recall her as a jolly girl who could befriend anyone.

Reportedly, she went for a morning walk to Central Park at 7 am and returned back at 9 am. Every thing was fine until her roommate discovered Komal hanging in the room around 10 am. The matter was urgently taken under consideration by Ashok Nagar Police station and the college authorities.

This happened three days after she returned back from her native place. Her parents said, she once mentioned during her stay at home that something ill could happen to her. They have alleged harassment and bullying by hostel seniors to be the root cause of Komal’s abrupt death.


While the college administration refused the charge of bullying and assault by the seniors, the police has recovered some paper bits from the rooms with word ‘cricket’ and ‘IAS’ scribbled on the either sides adding a new angle to the case.

Also what stuns here is an address written on the girl’s wrist stating A-129, Khatipura, Hanuman Nagar. Police investigation reported the address to be retired amry officer Richpal Poonia’s place. There is a cricket academy opposite to the house. Quoting Komal’s friends she always desired to be a cricketer and wished to join a cricket academy.

The dead body was handed over to the relatives after post-mortem late in the evening.

A case of ragging or parental pressure, whatever this may be but the case has yet again exposed the  brutal plight of teens in the contemporary times.

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