July 17, 2018
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Massive Downfall In Sex Ratio Of Rajasthan Is A Matter Of Concern For All

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • July 7, 2017

The state government has been putting effort after effort to save the girl child in Rajasthan and maintain the sex ratio but the sample registration system statical report 2015 came as a huge shock.

According to SRS report released by the Center recently, the sex ratio in the state against 1,000 boys has gone down to 861 girls during 2013-15. The number from past three years was constant at 893 and a massive downfall of 32  points is a matter of worry.

The Rajasthan Government has been working on different aspects and ways to increase the number of girls in the state but all the efforts seem to be in vein. The report came as a huge shock to the officials who were claiming the sex ratio has increased in last few years. The Government has started various schemes but everything is failing.

There are several villages in Rajasthan that still consider girls as a burden and kill them either in the womb or as soon as they are born. The standard of lives for one who survives is really low and females are often treated as the servants.

The Government is not the only the one responsible for taking all the initiative. Also, the common man should understand the value of female and consider them equal. The numbers are dangerously low and alarming and we should really do something about it.


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