June 23, 2018
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Peon Suspended For Locking Up A Couple Inside Mortuary With Their Dead Son

  • by Himanshi Goyal
  • June 14, 2017

A tribal couple, resident of Pratapgarh district, were locked by a peon in a morgue with their son’s body as the mother refused to leave. The incident took place at 4 am on Sunday.
A peon working in a hospital in Pratapgarh district was suspended for locking up a couple along with their son’s corpse in a mortuary for about three hours.

Chhotu, a 10 year old boy, fell from a tree while playing which caused him severe injuries. The boy was immediately brought to the government hospital in a critical condition by his parents but he could not survive and passed away by the time he was admitted.

The doctors decided to send the child’s body for post-mortem around 4 am on Sunday. The child’s parents followed the hospital staff and their son’s body to the morgue where the autopsy was conducted.

However, a devastated Rakmi, Chhotu’s mother, did not want to part with her son and refused to leave the mortuary when the peon informed them that he needs to lock the door. On their refusal, the irritated and impatient Ram Pratap Dhobi locked the couple inside and went away.

The tribal couple were locked for almost three hours. As soon as the authority was informed of the incident, they unlocked the helpless couple and also allowed them to take their son’s body without conducting the autopsy.

A committee was constituted by the chief medical and health officer (CHMO) to take speedy action against the peon and further directed the hospital authority to submit a report on the case.

“It is neither advisable nor permissible that any living person be locked inside the mortuary under any circumstances. If the couple was not ready to leave the body, the employee should have reported the matter to his seniors. We have suspended the employee and put him on awaited posting order (APO),” CMHO Dr Radhey Shyam Kachhawa said.

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