June 19, 2018
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Rumours Of Ghost Chopping Hair Of Women In Rajasthan Spreads Terror

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • July 10, 2017

Among many bizarre rumours and stereotypes that go around in Rajasthan, one has caught the attention of national media and these days is a big topic of concern for the administration. There is a rumour in Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Bikaner and Jalore district of Rajasthan that some unknown person/ Ghost chops the hair of women and girls of the village at night when they are sleeping.

Many cases by now have been reported under this where villagers claim that some unknown person arrives at night and chop off the hair of women sleeping without their consent. It also draws a Trishool on women’s body and the women fall sick after this.

This had caused terror among the villagers. While some claim it is the witch that is doing it others say ” Many people come in a jeep at night, cut the hair of the women and disappear from the area”. That’s not all, some have even claimed Pakistan’s hand in these incidents to take revenge from India.

There is a claim that this happened to two women in Phulia village of Jaisalmer but when the administration tried talking to them, everyone denied of any such incident. The administration and the Police have already conducted several investigations but none of the proofs has been collected. It is all a rumour and is spreading fear among many.

Women of the villages said to be affected are taking various safety measures such as- lighting lamps at night, printing their palms with Mehendi and Sindoor in front of their houses, keeping garlic near their bed and what not. They sit all day and pray to God to save them from any such mishap. This has definitely increased the business of Tantriks and Ojha.

The administration of these areas has been requesting people to not believe in any such rumour and lead a normal life. Also, it is requesting people to take the ill women of the villages to hospitals as they need medical treatment and not to Ojha or Occultist believing they are been affected by the witch or ghost.


It is really surprising how people still believe in such rumours and get trapped in the games. Many villagers are evacuating the villages and are shifting to some other place for the partial amount of time. Such rumours disappear in some time and people absolutely forget about any such incidents but for the time being, they sure cause a lot of buzz and terror among people.

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