August 16, 2018
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Service Lady Slapped Customer For Pointing Out Cockroaches In Refrigerator At CCD Jaipur Outlet

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • March 27, 2017

What if we tell you that your meal at high end places is as contaminated as the Pani Puri stall’s located at the farthest end of mucky streeet?
You would laugh it off, won’t you?
But what if you see a bunch of cockroaches in the refrigerator of the same restaurant? What would you do then?

Lately a man discovered almost ten cockroaches living in the refrigerated counter of one of the Cafe Coffee Day’s outlets in Jaipur and when he pointed it out, the waitresses walked over and slapped him.

The customer used absolutely no foul language. He just pointed out on camera how the CCD staff was actually hiding the cockroaches under menu cards.


What’s even more repelling about the whole incident is, that even after the complainant informed them about the cockroaches, the CCD staff kept serving the food from the same fridge.

The complainant thus recorded the whole incident. He further tweeted to CCD and Department Of Consumer Affair but to no avail. The authorities have not yet responded to any of the tweets and queries.


Such oblivious and malodorous contaminative behaviour of fast food chains is not new, be it McDonalds or the new entry on the list Cafe Coffee Day, but what’s worse is such disrespectful attitude towards customers.

People please be careful about what and where you eat. As an aware customer this is your right and duty to report such malpractices.
You can file your complaints at or or call at National Consumer Helpline at 1800-11-4000

Source: Storypick

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