June 18, 2018
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Shocking! Post-Mortem Conducted Under Open Sky

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • June 16, 2017

A repugnant arrangement that occurred Sunday morning in Bassi, a subdivision of Jaipur district, post-mortem of two was conducted in the open by a team of doctors and police. The team of doctors and police conducted an autopsy of two deceased outside the hospital premises in the open as they couldn’t find a place to perform it anywhere.

In two different accidents, two youngsters were killed on Saturday night. One of the deceased, Rajulal, was hit by a vehicle and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. Another deceased, Suresh Gurjar, met with an accident around 3 am on Sunday while travelling from Duasa to Jaipur. The bodies of both were sent for a post-mortem, nevertheless, due to unavailability of the mortuary in the hospital, the authority decided to perform one post-mortem in the truck and while another post-mortem was performed on the road.

Source: Hindustan Times

When questioned by villagers and families of deceased, authorities threatened them to keep their mouth shut and let them complete their work. However, this is not the first case. Due to the paucity of the mortuary in Bassi, from past 35 years, post-mortems are conducted in an unworkable truck. Sub-division Bassi has 3 police stations, 44 Gram Panchayats, and around 215 villages, and none of the Subsidiary Health Centres (S.H.C) present in these villages has morgues in their hospitals.

Police officer Virender Singh said that they have often asked the higher authorities to establish morgues in the hospitals but the authorities seem to have done nothing about this issue. This is the condition of medical facilities in our state. Conducting an autopsy in open like this is not only frightening but also very unhygienic for residents. The government should take some bold steps to ensure medical facilities even in smallest town and villages of the state.

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