July 17, 2018
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The Death of a Nation- Wretched Hearts stand together for Asifa

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • April 14, 2018

WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and to secure all its citizens…

The Asifa Rape Case has shaken the very core of the Indian Democratic as we go back every day upon our preamble, promising ourselves to constitute into a sovereign nation only to witness gang rapes of our Nirbhayas and now the 8 year old Asifa.

Whilst the Nation burns in Rage over the Kathua case, our politician horrendously stand divided as they convert this crime into one of their political vendettas. The Hindu Ekta Manch  led by two BJP member of Mehboob’s cabinet stands between us and the criminals as they defend the crime on religious grounds, holding the religion of the Muslim girl against her murder and rape.

The rape of an 8 year old innocent is being justified on religious grounds and not just rape, but murder and kidnapping. While the nation and its judicial system waits for justice to be served, another one of our daughters is probably being kidnapped, gagged, drugged, raped and murdered because justice delayed is justice denied.

Here are some facts regarding the case-

  1. The missing report was filed on 12th January but the dead body wasn’t found until 17th January. The main accused, Shubham Dhangra, a minor, was called i on the same day for questioning where he lied about the happenings of the case.
  2. on 22nd the case was transferred to was transferred to Crime Branch J&k but the case wasn’t handed over until 27th January.
  3. Investigation reveals that Shubham Dhangra’s maternal uncle, Sanji Ram who is a retired government employee put the plan in action to remove the Bakarwal from the village in the first week of January. Deepak Khajuria, an SPO in the police department was also involved in the conspiracy.
  4. On 10th January, Shubham with the help of his friend kidnapped Aasifa using a local drug Manar upon the directions of his uncle. The kidnapped was not only administered Manar but also given 2 pills of Epitril, a drug used to treat seizures of different kind, sleeping disorders and panic attacks.
  5. The victim was taken to temple, Devisthan where she was kept under a table and locked the room.
  6. Vishal Jangotra, Sanjhi Ram,s son living in Meerut was informed about the kidnapping and asked if he wanted to come back to satiate his lust.
  7. Meanwhile Sanjhi Ram bribed the police official, Tilak raj to mislead the search, Sanjhi Ram’s sister and Shubham’s mother Tripta Devi helped in bribing the official.
  8. Vishal and Shubham raped the girl on 13 January, after which they administered the victim 3 more pills.
  9. Upon knowledge of the gang rape Sanjhi Ram asked Vishal and the JCL to murder the girl. On his directive Asifa was taken to the drain in front of Devisthan. Once there, the two were asked to wait because Deepak wanted to rape he one more time.
  10. The victim was brutally strangled and beaten by a rock until she was dead and dumped in the forest as keeping the body in devisthan became unsafe.
  11. The officials in the case were handsomely bribed by Sanjhi Ram and the JCL was well tutored to take the blame upon himself. Important pieces of the information were left out like the Duppatta with which Asifa was strangled.
  12. Even after the monstrous rape and murder of a minor girl, the accused are being defended by a political party in power only on the grounds of their religion.

The nation stands as an angry mob as their faith is shaken by the gut wrenching crimes of a juvenile, a priest and police officer, stripping us naked from our beliefs in religion, the police and humanity.

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