July 22, 2018
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The other side of the ‘Moon’

  • by Ashutosh
  • July 11, 2018

Moon has been a subject of fascination for humans since early civilizations. It has been worshipped as a God, has been the base of creation of first human made calendars, considered as an epitome of beauty and woven in stories, myths and poems as a love subject.

Humans have always been obsessed with the only natural satellite of our planet and the nearest celestial body to us. With the space missions to Moon starting from 1969, a lot of secrets have been found out about the moon and each and every finding amazes more and more. But very little is known to common people about the moon. So let’s find out some shocking facts about the moon that have left the scientist community frenzied.

But did you know that, as per physics, the moon should not exist.

Scientifically, a small planet like Earth with weak gravitational force should not have a satellite. No other planet of the size of Earth has a satellite. And even if Earth has a satellite, its size must be very small as compared to Earth, around 30 miles diameter maximum. But Moon has a giant size of 2100 miles diameter making it bigger than even some of the planets in the galaxy. This has no explanation.

When the research was done on the crust of the moon it was found out that it had some rocks that were of the same age as Earth, some rocks were newer and some rocks were much older than Earth itself and to be specific they were formed before the solar syatem was made.

Surface of moon had surprisingly vast amounts of Titanium rich rocks that had around 20 times more titanium than those Titanium rich rocks found inside of Earth’s crust. Titanium is used to build spaceships. Moreover the surface of moon had vast amount of Radioactive metal isotopes like plutonium 239 which are impossible to found naturally because these isotopes can only be made artificially and moreover there is no explanation as to why all these are present on the surface rather than inside the crust like all the other celestial bodies of the universe.

While surveying the surface of moon, astronauts and scientists found that there were structures all over the moon that resemble cooling reserviours. To study more about Moon’s crust the scientists decided to blow the surface of moon by using dynamite. To their surprise, on explosion the whole Moon rang like the bell for 3 hours. This baffled the scientists all over the world.

These are just a few facts about the Moon. There are many books and articles written by scientists and researchers of NASA and Russian space mission about the moon. The most notable book among all them is “WHO BUILT THE MOON” by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. Most of the researchers believe that Moon is not a natural satellite. It is artificially created hollow satellite by an alien species with a much bigger purpose which the researchers have began to comprehend.

Author: Amarendra Singh (Facebook)

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