July 23, 2018
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This Fan Shares Heart Warming Story About Meeting Shah Rukh Khan

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • July 17, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan rules Bollywood and hearts of many. He undoubtedly has the biggest fan following not only in India but all around the world. One lucky fan from Jaipur, Praveen Jha who is the show producer and creative writer at Red Fm recently got a chance to meet him. Here he is sharing a heart warming story about meeting SRK and how humble he is.

“When I started writing and made few small films I just had few dreams to fulfil like meeting Guru Dutt and Sahir Ludhiyanvi but it was not possible because they died so early. I had a huge interest in writing and films from my childhood. The first film I saw in theatres was “Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate” An Anil Kapoor starer when we visited Jaipur in 1998. We saw the film in Raj Mandir Cinema Hall It was luxurious cinema hall of India at that time. Now we have so many theatres and multiplexes but back then it was something huge watching film in Raj Mandir.  I was not very good in studies but my parents wanted me to become some big officer like every parent do.

When I passed my board examinations I was not sure what will do with my career and future, my friends were getting admission in big schools and by that time I had lost my father after a prolonged illness so we were struggling financially and mentally also. But my mother somehow managed to get me in a big school like I said I didn’t have any interest in studies so I used those years to bunk classes and watched films every Friday in near by theatres in Delhi. I used to watch the cinema of all kinds A, B, C, D whatever you say.  I have my personal favourites when I talk about cinema.

But one actor I have always admired is King Khan of Bollywood, when I started doing my diploma in film school I always dreamed of meeting him someday by doing some crazy thing or by my work, I just wanted to meet him. Like every Bollywood aspirant, I always wanted to go to Mumbai but I had few family responsibilities which was unavoidable so came to Jaipur and joined Red Fm as producer.

It was a hectic day like other days on 14-7-2017 I got a call the person on the other side of the phone said to me SRK is in Jaipur do you want to meet him. I said do you have any doubts bro? He asked me to go home and wear anything. He said just make sure you don’t come nude. On the way to the hotel where SRK was residing, I was just murmuring one thing ‘Dear God, please make this wish come true’ after this I have one wish that is to win film fare. We reached the hotel and waited for 7 long hours to meet the Badshah of Bollywood. There was a huge gathering of people waiting outside to meet the superstar and when our turn came, I was shivering and in fact, I was crying from inside to meet the phenomenal actor. I was the first one to enter the room and SRK was sitting on his chair very peacefully and with ultimate calmness. When he saw me he stood up to shake my hands when his manager introduced me to him. I was in complete awe of his personality that Badshah Of Bollywood stood to shake hands with me. I said sir, jivan safal ho gaya mera to which he replied “I am humbled Praveen”. I said, am I watching some dream sequence of some Bollywood drama or what. I pinched myself and he said that don’t worry Praveen I am the one.

Then the interview started and in the whole interview, I was just watching him like if it is some dream. He is so generous, soft spoken and caring. I just could not believe Shahrukh Khan is sitting just one hand distance to me and was speaking to me. I told him, sir, I from Delhi and he answered oh.. then you are a neighbour be comfortable.  He was continuously telling me he is happy to meet me and for our love towards him and his work. I also showed him the locket which he used in Raees the film. He came to close to see it and said you have kept it with you. I told him yes sir, you gave me this in Golcha cinema when you were promoting Raees through video conferencing.
He was so happy after seeing the locket, I told him, sir I am a very small writer and have written something for you if you can please read it out:

Ishq kaa unvaan ho

Aapke haathon me saara jahan ho

Aapke chehre par noor barse khuda kaa

Aapki rooh aapki pehchaan ho

He read it out and said god bless you are very kind and then he kept that note in his shirt’s pocket and said to me Keep writing you are doing very good.

And then the words came from his side which was enough to make my day. He said *keep writing jaldi milenge* He gave me his autograph with a special message and after getting it I was on cloud nine.

Meeting a superstar like Shahrukh Khan and finding him generous enough and so down to earth gave his 30 minutes to us and spoke to us like a mentor, friend, not like a big superstar or anything. That night he came like an angel in my life, now I knew why he is ruling the Bollywood and entertainment industry from 25 years.”

Long Live Shahrukh Khan Sahab.


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