June 18, 2018
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This Is What A Resident Of Walled City Wants To Discuss About Mob Fury & Curfew

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • September 11, 2017

Hey, people! How was the Sunday for you all? I hope it wasn’t as still as mine. Before you ask why let me tell you, I reside in the Walled City area. The area of this city that is famous for rush and jams amidst other things.

So yesterday, Sunday, September 10 didn’t really feel like a Sunday to me. Or I should say it felt like nothing at all, a big blank nothing.

It all started on Friday night when a furious mob (allegedly Muslims) began pelting stone at Ramganj police station. And soon before you know, the scene that started as a petty banter with the cops turned into a massive outburst, leading to the death of two on the spot. While half of the town was asleep, curfew was declared in the city area. How should you react when you get up one fine Saturday morning thinking about your post lunch plans and *woosh* they tell you that you’re not supposed to move out of your homes for an undefined period?

Today is Day 3 of curfew and it doesn’t seem like this is gonna end anytime soon. We were supplied with milk packets yesterday in the afternoon, which we hoarded for obvious reasons. And thanks to our Rajasthani roots, we know how to deal with the unavailability of fresh vegetables in a pretty yummy manner. Curfew days should rather be named as Kadhi-Gatta days.

Jokes apart here is something serious that I wish to discuss with all of you, and by all I mean one and all, even the ones who are not reading this. This doubles up your responsibility as a reader- read, understand and aware others, okay?

Let me began with two of my deep felt experiences that compelled me to take this up.

  1. While inspecting the wellness of friends and family residing in the affected areas, my parents, to my utter surprise, didn’t call up our Muslim acquaintance, not even as a general courtesy.
  2. The elders of family and the neighbors sat glued to television set in the evening discussing “How these Muslims are ruining our Hindustan?” (I guess exactly how our beloved godmen and crooked politicians does)

What stuns me here is how a case of mob fury is nurturing seeds of religious intolerance in us. If we are not getting to go out, so are they. If we are not allowed to gather in groups, neither are they. If we are hurting, are they not?

Back in 1947, just after independence, Maharaja Sawai Maan Singh II of Jaipur quoted “No Muslim shall ever leave Jaipur! They’re like hair on my chest.” Jaipur has always been one of the very few cities in India where Hindu-Muslims are residing with peace and harmony. How could we let one incidence hamper our brotherhood? Isn’t this the time to act wise and stand up for each other? Are we not in this together?

For an instant, forget about the anti-social elements who brought this to us and think about the innocent Muslim brothers who are battling with the unavailability of basic things like milk, vegetables, and medicines in that region. Trust me, their conditions are worse than that of mine or any one else’s. We don’t know what the case exactly is, were the cops really drunk or it is a planned anti-social attack. But what we can do in this hard time is to hold each other’s back and stand united against what is wrong. The violence has already disturbed whole of the city and caused loss of lives, let’s not turn it ugly by dragging religions in it.

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1 Comment

  1. Oh my God! U live in the four walled area and still don’t know that the peace lover’s (supposedly Muslims) are the ones behind the mob furry. Who were the two who died on the spot? Can u name them! And it was such a trivial matter than why pelting stones on police station and burning other innocent’s vehicle’s and public property. We want to live in peace but that doesn’t mean to live under fear.

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