June 19, 2018
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Today might be the last day to gorge at McDonald’s in Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata and other places

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • September 8, 2017

Here is a sad news for all McDonald’s lover, today 169 McD stores across North and East India will shut down business after 11 PM. This might be your last day to indulge into those cheesy burgers, crispy french fries, piping hot McPuff and Iced Tea.

Earlier this year, three McDonald’s stores in Jaipur were found using 16-days old oil in a routine inspection drive conducted by Jaipur health department.

“During an inspection drive on June 17, we were shocked to find that the oil being used by three McDonald’s outlets was 16 days old. The oil had turned black because it was being heated constantly at 360 degrees Celsius for all those days. The management was unable to give us a satisfactory answer,” said Narottam Sharma, chief medical and health officer, Jaipur.  There were other problems too. “We also found that Palmolein oil was being used at all McDonald’s branches in Jaipur. Palmolein oil is less healthy when compared to other edible oils such as soybean oil,” Sharma said.

The surprise raid brought outlets at Panchbatti, Elements Mall, and Crystal Palm under the grey light. Though the controversy isn’t the lead cause for termination of McDonald’s in Jaipur, Delhi, and Kolkata. These outlets are shutting down due to a corporate dispute between McDonald’s and its franchisee Vikram Bakshi. Back in 1997 McDonald’s signed a 50:50 joint venture agreement called Connaught Place Restaurants Ltd (CPRL). This agreement entitled Bakshi as Managing Director of CPRL and was given the charge of operating McDonald’s outlets in the North and the East.

The dispute that began in 2013, had Bakshi and the American fast food giant in a tiff for a long time. Four years ago, McDonald’s was the leading fast food chain in India. After four years of fiddling with the dispute McDonald’s India terminated the franchise agreement with CRPL and the termination period ended yesterday– which means that from September 6, no outlet operated by CPRL can use McDonald’s branding.

The outlets might operate under some other name but they will no longer use the iconic Ronald McDonald clown, menu and other branding knick knacks of the food chain.

McDonald’s is one of the places we have the best memories linked with, be it after-movie grab at Raj Mandir outlet, the aroma of salted fries, burning our tongues with super hot McPuff or cribbing about how there are too much ice and too less coke. Go folks, grab your last happy meal!

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