July 22, 2018
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‘Trip My Way’ App To Smooth Out Tourism In Rajasthan

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 7, 2017

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rajashtan is one of the most culturally rich state of India. And with such a big tag, comes the big responsibility of entertaining tourists from every corner of the world. There are so many exciting things about every place in Rajasthan that no matter how many days one stays, he will end up missing out on one thing or another. Therefore, the tourism department of Government of Rajasthan has officially introduced a mobile app called Trip My Way which aims to become a versatile self-guided in-trip audio and visual guides.

How does Trip My Way work?

• It works Offline and thus, helps you to save the audios and details of tourist sites.

• It contains free audio content researched and narrated by locals, young and old who have personal connections with the place and life and soul of the city. All their facts are authenticated by experts.

• It is full of interactive maps that allow you to choose your own path and explore at your pace.

• Look at the beautiful photographs of tourist sites and know where to look if you are lost.

• It has a NearBy Feature, with extensive listing of the Heritage Sights in the City along with multi-format content that allows you to explore the Hidden gems at your finger tips.

• It is navigated by GPS.

• It also helps to bookmark your favorite sights so they are always at your fingertips!

Masterminds Behind  Trip My Way

Thanks to the brains of two IITians—Nupur Aggarwal and Rachna Pandey that are behind the whole concept and changing the way people perceive heritage in India by designing Trip My Way. It is powered by IthakaTales, a group of engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IIT and NYU Stern. Currently, 150 tourist destinations are added in 12 cities in their app based on their personal research. They also plan to add new destination each week.

Now, tourists would be able to plan their holidays without the fear of missing out the off-beat sites and enriching experiences. They wouldn’t depend upon tourist guides, tour operators and locals and will travel independently. This revolutionary step will definitely change the way Rajasthan tourism is seen.

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