January 17, 2018
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This Jaipur Psychologist Has Answers To All Your Anxieties And Agitation

“Give me a child and I’ll shape him into anything”  Aanchal Johri, a Counselling Psychologist who hails from Jaipur strongly believes in this. Aanchal Johri is a renowned Psychologist who deals with Children, Adolescents and Adults. She conducts Counselling sessions which involve Emotional, Physical and Mental health issues. Team CJ recently met her and instantly fell in love with her […]

Follow Your Passion: Our List Of Top 5 Classes In Jaipur To Keep You Engaged

“Passion is the oxygen of the soul” We all have heard this million times before but do we really take out time from our busy schedule to follow our passion? If you are bored or in need of some delightful and stimulating activities to take part in, we’ve got a solution for that. We listed […]

Rock-Like Object Tumbles From Sky In Jaipur, Leaves Localities Frightened

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for people residing in and around Bhankrota, Jaipur. A bizarre eventuality left villagers shocked and paniced. A rock-like object seems to have fallen from the sky was spotted by locals. There was a pan created by the dark grey rock–like object. Scared locals informed police which soon arrived at the site. […]

An Open Letter To The Truck Driver Who Murdered 5 People Yesterday

Not So Dear Truck Driver, Hello! How are you doing? I’m sure you had a not so good night after taking lives of 5 innocent people yesterday. Did you? Yes, I’m talking about same people you killed in a horrific road accident yesterday in Jaipur. I know you were too excited driving on empty roads […]

Ghastly Accident In Jaipur: Truck Crumbles Car Killing 5 Including Couple Soon To Tie Knot

Life is really unpredictable. In a heart wrenching accident that happened on early Tuesday morning around 05.00 am in Jaipur, left eye witnesses completely shocked. An overly loaded truck lost it’s balance and collapsed on the car killing all 5 people travelling in the car at the time of mishap. According to the reports, Truck carrying salt […]

Top 5 Places To Visit In Jaipur For Your Next Faluda Party

I’m sure we all remember school summer breaks and how all our friends use to gather in evening after a game of cricket or strolls in park for Ice cream treats. We Jaipurites were bit more lucky because apart from choco chip and orange candy, we had heavenly delicious Faluda. It’s June and it’s hot, […]

Night Owls! Experience Best Of Jaipur’s Night Life only in 100 Rs

Jaipur also known as “Paris Of India“, is the city of rich heritage and tourist attractions. No matter for how long you have been living here or how many times you travel, it never cease to amaze. So what if we don’t have Eiffel Tower as romantic backdrop for evening stroll, we have newly renovated Vidhyadhar […]

5 Lesser Known Getaways From Jaipur You Should Explore For Ultimate Luxury

A very wise one said “Getting away for a little bit, is all you need to make a strong comeback.” Summers are a lot more interesting when you travel but just like us, are you also free only on weekends? While fixing our weekend plans we decided to sort yours as well. I know, I know, […]

This Video Of Jaipur Choreographers Dancing On Despacito Is Making Social Media Crazy

Social Media Users are going crazy over this dance video of Amazing Dancers and Choreographers from Jaipur. These Super Women are Mini. Radhika and Nisha. The Video is shot at the very beautiful The Royal Ship Restaurant, Vaishali Nagar.

Blazing Jaipur Sun Leads Horse To Rampage Into Car

Summers are at full power and blistering Sun isn’t showing any mercy. Temperature recorded in city yesterday was over 45 degree Celsius. Not only Jaipurites but also animals are hassled of frightful weather.   In a horrific accident that happened yesterday around 1.30 pm in Jaipur, a Horse lost it’s temper due to scorching heat […]
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