June 20, 2018
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This Choreographer From Jaipur Is Making Alia Bhatt and Jhanvi Kapoor Dance To Her Beats

Charvi Bhardwaj is an extraordinary dancer from Jaipur and is currently the one every Jaipurite been talking about. And honestly why not? She is teaching Kathak to two of the most beautiful ladies from B-Town. If you aren’t aware yet, very alluring Charvi is training  Alia Bhatt and Jhanvi Kapoor for their next upcoming hit. Since we are […]

5 Startling Cafes In Mansarovar You Probably Aren’t Hooked To Yet

Nothing is more blissful than devouring good food sitting in a lovely ambience. True, isn’t it? Food can be an adventure when we explore new tastes and cultures and what is better than discovering more such places where we can have one of these experience. Jaipur is brimming with cafes but somehow we have restricted […]

Man Beaten To Death In Rajasthan By Government Officials

A 55-year-old man was beaten to death by Civic Officers in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan for protesting against them for clicking pictures of women of the village while they were defecating in open. The incident took place on Friday early morning around 06.30 am. A team of Municipal Corporation employees along with the Commissioner started clicking pictures of women […]

Cooking Without Fire Now Possible With This Workshop In Jaipur

Cooking in summers is a painful job and especially when you have the guest coming over, you need to spend extra hours in Kitchen dealing with heat. All of this comes with a pressure of serving something new and toothsome. Well, Chef Divya Jain and O2 The Plant Cafe are here to your rescue with […]

Chole Kulche Devotee? Best Places In Jaipur To Try Them Now

Picture a plate of spicy tangy Chole with soft kulcha dipped in Butter served with some Onion and Green Chilly. Is it drool that I see? Happens. Especially when you are a foodie just like me, it’s an everyday story. Chola Kulcha is one of the best and most selling Indian Fast Food. You can spot a thela every here […]

6 Bizarre Rajasthani Villages That Will Make You Go WTF!

Rajasthan never fails to stun, be it for its nobility, culture, royalty, overwhelming beauty or strange beliefs. Interestingly, there are as many as stories as people living in this majestic State. Some of these beliefs are quite famous and attract curious minds from across the world. Here, we bring to you stories from 6 villages […]

These Books About Jaipur Disclose The Darkest Secrets of The City No One Talks About

Pages and pages of beautifully written literature, which document and capture the history and culture of a city, and tell the story of a place and its people through the unique perspective of the author himself—these are some of the books on Jaipur that you must not miss out on. A Princess Remembers by Santha Rama […]

Head To This Innovative Artist For All your Gifting Solutions

Sakshi Katta, the owner of “Aesthetic Creations” has not only influenced many girls and women in today’s generation to become independent but also has set an example of being an ideal entrepreneur. Six years from now if you would have asked anyone what she is up to, people would have said “no idea.” But today, almost […]

Watch The Epic India-Pak Final With Offers Raining at These Pubs In Jaipur

The upcoming Sunday is most awaited Sunday of 2017. And why not, it is the day of the ultimate face-off between India-Pakistan for ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Get ready with your team t-shirt and other knick knacks to cheer loud. Watch live streaming of the mahamukabla over food, drinks, and loads of dhamaal at these […]

This Father’s Day Take Your Dad Out On A Date

No matter how old you get, your Father always remains your Superman. He is the knight in shining armour, the man you trust with a whole heart and the man who makes sure he never breaks it. He works day and night to make sure his Prince and Princess lives like royalty. This Father’s Day […]