January 18, 2018
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Take Perfect Selfies At These 7 Restaurants In Jaipur

The ultimate love of every person on this Earth is –  1. Good Food. 2. Perfect Selfie. Right guys and gals? These days Jaipur is coming up with a lot of new cafes almost daily but most of them are dimly lit to create a soothing ambience.  🙁 And as a result, we don’t get […]

10 Places To Eat In Jaipur Under 100 Bucks

Cravings understand no money crunch, in fact, you crave more when you have got a little money, isn’t this true? No need to suppress those food pangs now, because here are the 10 hidden gems of Jaipur where you can eat your heart out without worrying about the bill. Indian Coffee House ICH is a […]

6 Reasons Why JSEF Served As The Best Platform For Students Of Jaipur

Global College For Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Jaipur and Neerja Modi School, Jaipur, jointly organized the second edition of Jaipur Student Entrepreneurship Fest on May 11th at Neerja Modi School. It was a fun-filled, enthralling experience for all the attendees. The fest comprised of a speaker session and a series of business-themed competitions. While the theme of the […]

4 & 6 Y.O. Baby Girls Raped In Jaipur, But The Govt Doesn’t Seem To Care Much!

Jaipur witnessed two heinous crimes this week and seems like the Government doesn’t care much about it. According to the home department data, 5,995 cases of sexual violence against young girls have been registered in Rajasthan in the last three years. Charge sheets have been filed in 4,946 cases. The government has taken no action […]

5 Spots Around Jaipur Where You Can Picnic For Almost *FREE*

Summer breaks are here and with the occasional drizzling every now & then, this is a great time to head for a picnic. Arrange your picnic baskets with loads of food, beverages, and games, and pick your destination from the list below.  Vidhyadhar Gardens This garden was built in memory of the chief architect of […]

This Jaipur School Provides Free Education To Girls Of Slum Areas

Literacy is still a luxury for almost 50% girls in Rajasthan. The girls who live in the slum are often deprived of this basic right and either they are made to work as a domestic help or they become caretakers of their younger siblings. Also, day by day, the urban slum population is rising because […]

5 Places In Jaipur That Serve Super Experimental Maggi Dishes

I like plain masala Maggi, my best friend adds paneer into hers, my sister seasons maggie with herbs while mom cooks it with loads of veggies, I guess everyone has their unique recipe of Maggi & everyone loves to experiment with Maggi because it is most fuss-free food ever and can enlighten our day like magic. […]

Jaipur Is Celebrating Its First Period Party & Here’s Why You Should Be Excited!

Period = Pain + Cramps + Cravings + Blood + Every month + Problem + Stains + Pimples. Rights girls? https://giphy.com/gifs/periods-7hrnkENG9AC40 And I bet about most of you was not aware of menstruation and puberty until your first period. Because according to a survey, 71% of females do not know about periods until their first […]

5 Hotels in Jaipur Where You Can Experience Royalty On A Budget

If you want to experience royalty in Jaipur but seem to be tight on the budget, then worry not. Check out these amazing hotels in the town that won’t cost you much and would fulfill your dream of gaining a splendid experience at the same time Naila Bagh Palace Delicious food, royal amenities and herbal […]