June 23, 2018
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Opening Soon – A Heritage Fortress Turned Resort For A Luxurious Getaway Near Jaipur

What Is The Buzz About? A warrior fortress that has undergone a facelift to build a magnificent, luxurious hotel – Alila Fort, Bishangarh. The bold, striking Jaipur Gharana architecture; serene surroundings; luxury rooms and all other top-notch facilities push this resort to the top in the list. Alila means “Surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing […]

Four Tales Of Jaipur Women Defying Stereotypes

Under the whiteness of dark skies they superimposed braving scenes in the episodes full of stereotypes. These women faced the strokes that life pulled on them with brave faces, building a paradigm out of cliché for themselves. While the names of celebrity and business woman flash on bulletins every now and then, we fail to […]

Holi-Ka-ha? At Holika! Seven Reasons Why It’s A Must Attend!

We can hear Rang Barse playing in our minds already as the sound of Chang is soon to spread its echoes in the city, declaring Holi Haiiiii! And while, thanks to Bollywood and TV shows, that we have taken a liking for glam and fun filled Holi celebrations with all the music and food, there […]

Attention Ladies! Lifestyle Experts To Your Rescue In Jaipur

A desirous and wilful woman is sure to soar to the heights of success While you’re ready with your personalised recipe of success to sprout anytime soon, a little expert advice will go a long way,right? The experts of varied fields ranging from fashion and grooming to interior decor have decided on assisting you with […]

This March, Foster Smiles With F-Salon!

Fashion for glamour is a song played on loop, but fashion to Foster Smiles; unheard of, right? Well not anymore! We believed that wishing wells and magic existed only in fairy tales and Disney movies’ world, but it seems that lately, the reality and dream worlds have been colliding to be one! However, even in […]

Tales of the Discarded – Six Old Things To New Uses!

I was a 3-year-old Denim Jeans. I lived my life well with pride. Travelled with my owner to the movies and dates and offices and parties. Lived life to the fullest and made every bit of my every thread to well use. But it felt that it was time for me to retire. Until…… I […]

Jaipur, Turn Your Friday To A Fri-Yay!

Hello Friday Night! I’ve been waiting for you all damn week! It’s Friday and they say life begins on a Friday night! Jaipur has a unique nightlife which is worth experiencing. Jaipur is not just about shopping and dining. There’s a lot more that you can do around this space. You can attend music concerts, […]

Architectural Ornaments Of Scientifically Designed Jaipur City

A good half of Jaipur is laden with archiac pink buildings even today. From ‘jhrokas’ to ‘chhatri’ to ‘jaali’, the architecture of the old city is still unaffected by the passage of time and glimpses of vernacular style is inevitable. The idea of keeping buildings cool with very tiny air passages in form of jhrokas, […]

#ExamTime – Five Locations For Your Binge Study Sessions In Jaipur

The exam fever is at its peak swaying school and university students all alike. If you’re done with your regular study seating, give your crouched backbone some rest and your nonplussed head some peace at these serene places of the town without having to compromise on your study plan. We bring to you a list […]

Buck up for the Milestone of Fests! Ingenuity’17 at NIIT, Neemrana!

“We are everything and yet we are nothing. We are what humankind has done to lead to what we are right now and what we will make of our coming days. We are a combination and yet we are disintegrated. We are the best of all worlds, the ancient, now and the distant future. Because […]
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