July 23, 2018
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Ten Best Winter Internships in Jaipur

Sad about missing on that internship in Berkeley just because you can not move out? Don’t be! We have a list of top internships in Jaipur. So get ready to make the most of these fuzzy winters with loads of learning, fun and hibernating in Jaipuri quilts. NeedyBee NeedyBee is offering part/full time internship for […]

Five most Innovative Cafes in Jaipur

In the recent years, there has been a pronounced growth in the cafe culture in Jaipur. In times when numerous cafes are throwing their gates open for the people of Jaipur, some of them are doing it differently. Connect Jaipur brings to you, the names of the five most innovative cafes in Jaipur, who are in […]

Dainik Bhaskar Festival! 9 Days of ‘Celeb’-ration !!!

City will be studded with yet another week of celebration as Dainik Bhaskar, India’s leading national daily giant, celebrates completion of its 20 years in the Pink City! ‘For the people’, ‘Of the People and ‘By the People’ is aptly true for this media house, for Dainik Bhaskar has decided to throw out 9 days […]

Jaipur’s Most Swiftly Flourishing Café Chain – ‘OVEN’ Turns One!

First of all, Connect Jaipur wishes OVEN, a very Happy Birthday! Yes, Oven turns 1 today! And we are so glad to be a part of this celebration. Not just this, they have a celebration offer for you lovely customers. All the lucky people who share their birthdays with Oven on 14th December can grab their ‘fit-for-the-gods’ Cakes […]

Liquidity Crunch? Here’s half the reason behind it!

We all have been facing problems in some way or the other after demonetization of higher denominations. Little did we know that half of the reasons behind our problems are being fed by people like these. Police seized 93.52 Lakh cash in new currency notes in Jaipur!   Police seized Rs 93.52 lakh in new […]

New Ways into the New Year’s! What’s your plan?

It’s nearly mid of the month and another beautiful year is right on the corridor waiting for you to open the gate! All-nighter parties are the old songs sung every time; how about welcoming 2017 with a tinge of more personal warmth? Gods came to our dreams and planted the idea of ‘CONNECTing JAIPUR’ with […]

Follow These Top 5 Food Bloggers From Jaipur For Tasty Feeds

Food bloggers are the best people, they revive our belief in tasty food. When it comes to sharing meals with social media followers, these food bloggers know exactly what they’re doing. Here’s our handpicked list of the best food bloggers in town. Follow them and go crazy! The Food Dictionary The Food Dictionary is headed by […]

Counting Calories in the Christmas Feast? Let’s Burn Some!

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do on Christmas? All you fitness freaks! AU Jaipur Marathon has got something for you. Don’t shoo away temptations of those yummy rum cakes, fluffy cookies and crunchy bagels this time, grab a full bite, put on your wrist bands and racing shoes and get ready to make your […]

Five Places To Hitch-hike On A Road Trip From Jaipur…NOW!

The holiday season is here and what better use it can be put on than going for an adventurous road trip. Just to make your planning fuss free we have enlisted five of the best road trips you can plan from Jaipur. So get ready to stride on an open jeep, push the accelerator hard, […]

With Love, From Jaipur. Must Have Souvenirs!

Humans are spiritual beings travelling the Earth and while we are already on a journey; a little more rummaging and scavenging through cities, wouldn’t that be splendid? Been in a city for your education or job, or just a traveler on life’s mission, no matter how long or for how short span you stay in […]
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