June 23, 2018
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Take the #LungPowerChallenge and Speak up against Air Pollution

  Hold your breath! No, we mean it! Air pollution has become a hazard like none of us could have ever imagined and the problem is that we have started accepting it as a part of our lives. However, we do not realize the threats that it poses to our future generations, our children, who […]

Participation of 10,000 students last year, Pragyan by NIT Trichy is coming back!

Pragyan​ is the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20121:2012 certified student-run techno-managerial organisation of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT), that conducts an annual techno-managerial festival in the month of February or March. Boasting a participation of 10,000 students last year, Pragyan attracts participants from a number of colleges across the country, making Pragyan one of […]

Here is the Role that parents should play in reducing stress and anxiety in their children before and during exams!

    Parents are a very strong influence in the lives of children. A child’s academic performance, to a great extent, depends on parenting style, family communication patterns, the marital relationship of parents, behavior modification techniques used by parents; in short it has a lot to do with the overall behavior of parents. Parent’s authority […]

Women Protection in Rajasthan – Aparajita Programme ensures women safety

With the Women’s International Day fast approaching, Team Where India Connects wants to connect to all the ladies out there and do some social awakening. Even though this operation has been under the dark from some time, Aparajita – the women protection programme started by Raje’s government has been doing some wonders. Aparajita center– One Stop Crisis […]

One Stop Destination to find the perfect gift for your Valentine! 

While there are numerous deals and discounts doing the rounds all over social media, you might still be confused on what to gift your loved one. No matter how cheesy you find it, a small gesture of love has never hurt anyone, and it is time you decide on how to make your better half […]

India’s largest youth festival UNDER 25 SUMMIT returns to Bengaluru in February 2018

The Under 25 Summit will see its fifth edition come to the YMCA Grounds Nrupathunga Road in Bengaluru after traveling to Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. The theme of the festival in 2018 is ‘Belong Together’, signifying the coming together of communities that impact the youth of the country today. Since 2014 the festival has engaged […]

Miss World Manushi Chillar tours India spreading ‘Feminine Hygiene Awareness’

Miss World Manushi Chillar is touring the nation with 7 other beauty queens from the Miss world team, leading her ‘Beauty with a Cause’ tour with her ‘Feminine Hygiene Awareness’ campaign. The former medical student is touching lives by spreading awareness on the sensitive topic of Menstrual hygiene. After touring Kolkata and Hyderabad Manushi attended […]

वैलेंटाइन स्पेशल: समाज की बेरुखी के बीच कुबूल होती ‘मोहब्बतें’

‘प्यार’, ‘इश्क़’ या ‘मोहब्बत’, नाम आप हज़ार दे दीजिये, लेकिन इस नाम के एहसास का रंग सबमें एक सा ही चढ़ाता है | कहतें हैं, इश्क़ किसी से भी किया जा सकता है, इसको सिर्फ किन्हीं दो लोगों के बीच समेटना शायद इसके सिर्फ एक ही आयाम को प्रस्तुत करना कहा जा सकता है | मोहब्बत […]

The Night of Love with your all time Favorite The Socialife Cafe & Lounge

Valentine’s Day might seem to be a much hyped affair after all those discounts, gifting advertisements, offers and giveaways all around you. However, for youngsters’ like us, it is another reason to have a party, but this particular occasion, with your loved one! The Socialite Cafe & Lounge near Laxmi Mandir, Tonk Road in Jaipur […]

सवाल: असल मुद्दों से कौन भटक रहा है, ‘सरकार’ या ‘हम’?

देश के आज के माहौल से हम सब वाकिफ़ है | मैं यहाँ इस पर चर्चा नहीं करना चाहता कि माहौल कैसा है, क्यूंकि एक आदर्श समाज के नजरिए से आज का माहौल काफ़ी विपरीत है, जिसमें हम असल और बुनियादी जरूरतों के मुद्दों से भटकते नज़र आ रहें हैं | कुछ धर्म और जातिगत […]
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