Every new study or research about the human brain or our behavior seems interesting whenever we read it. Everything in our body from our brain to eyes to emotions is connected. We always tend to see positive in life and keep negative things aside. But science says our emotions shape according to what we see.

A new study by the Association of Psychological Science says that our emotional state in a given moment may influence what we see. In simpler words, how we feel in a particular moment could change how we view the world right in front of our own eyes.

Simply putting it,

When we feel happy and positive, we are more likely to see something as happy and positive, regardless of whether it is or not.

If you observe in your daily lives, Have you ever experienced one of those times when you are out shopping in a good mood, and you get all the things that you wanted and actually more than them! Or when you go shopping in a not so happy mood, you end up buying just a thing or even nothing at times even after spending hours in the mall.

This is about the new research which suggests positive emotions may equally influence behavior, memory, and our perception of the world.

So, for a happy world around you, keep yourself happy!