July 20, 2018
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Tag Archives: cake

This Cafe in Jaipur is celebrating Christmas with a difference!

This Christmas season celebrate and make a difference with Rungneel – The Boutique Cafe, a unique place in Jaipur located at Lajpat Marg, C-scheme. Dressed up in a quaint setup, with all the rustic and peaceful feeling, RungNeel proves to be an abode for artists and the crazy minds!   And this Christmas, it has decided […]

JeweloveSuperMom: Styling Sessions, Cake Decoration & Loads Of Fun With Mothers & Their Young Adults

Right from dressing us in cute nappies to deciding that flabbergasting outfit for college ball night, our moms have been the best stylists. Be it khichdi on a bad stomach day or pasta & sandwiches for the sleepover with friends, she has been the best cook. A cook, a stylist, a friend, a confidant, our […]

Easy Peasy Dishes To Cook For Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Cooking and Mom are like Synonyms. Mom cooks, we eat 😛 But, have you ever imagined this happening the other way around? Like, you cook and mom eats? Provided you don’t turn the kitchen into a mess! (that would be a nightmare for her.) I guess nothing could be a better gift for your mom […]