August 16, 2018
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Tag Archives: event

Participation of 10,000 students last year, Pragyan by NIT Trichy is coming back!

Pragyan​ is the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20121:2012 certified student-run techno-managerial organisation of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT), that conducts an annual techno-managerial festival in the month of February or March. Boasting a participation of 10,000 students last year, Pragyan attracts participants from a number of colleges across the country, making Pragyan one of […]

The Dialogue starts tomorrow from Jaipur with a Vision to create a Conversational Talk Event Platform

“The Dialogue“, conceptualized and ideated by Where India Connects, plans to disrupt the existing talk show format of a one way communication, by introducing a Two-Way Dialogue Series.  The idea of The Dialogue is to invite celebrated personalities without any pre-decided topic of format, only for a Live Q&A Session with the Audience to create a talk show of a democratic format. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) will host celebrated speakers, entrepreneurs and celebrities […]

This New Cafe in Jaipur is Opening with an Awesome Friday Sundowner Evening!

Since childhood, we have always loved food which is prepared by hand and made with a lot of love. However the current market trends have changed the way we eat outside and we have largely become accustomed to food which is more of junk and less of crafting and precision. From our coffees to even […]

Manipal University’s Magic Is In The Air!

Hey! Look! Something’s going on there! I can see some flashes here and there and oh there’s this melodious laughter in the background! Aah! Yumm! What’s this aroma and where is it coming from? Hold on! Am I somewhere near Manipal University right now? My crystal ball predicts that I am going to a wonderland […]

There is more to Literature in Jaipur than just JLF: Bringing you INKA by St. Xavier’s

It’s Jaipur, and we the people of this majestic city are always behind what’s new and hip or what events are coming up, are we not? So here’s what happening in Jaipur right now- INKA, the literature festival organized by The Department of English, St. Xavier’s College. Yes there is JLF too but that’s not […]